Solve the puzzle and win 1 BTC – interesting challenge on Reddit

The latest bracket of people fascinated with crypto are definitely artists. It has become very popular to collect small tips and donations from people by simply including your QR code in a wall graphic or other art piece – some collecting even $1000 in a matter of days.

One of these ultra creative minds found an interesting way to tickle imagination of crypto enthusiasts: he created a puzzle whose solving will earn you a one whole bitcoin. This concept is great way of using bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies to motivate people and have them take part in actions or movements that can be of different nature.

One Reddit user Cryptogreetings published a post with an image earlier today. The image is a puzzle and who solves it first, he will have access to a wallet with 1 BTC.

Solving the Puzzle hidden in this picture will give access to a wallet containg 1BTC. Credit: Cryptogreetings. Reddit

Needless to say he drew attention of a lot of fans in the crypto subreddit who jumped on the opportunity to win the bitcoin and have fun along the way.

The author gave no additional clues, just the image and short teaser that the “treasure” is “at plain sight”.

This work is comprised of Satoshi Nakamoto’s famous whitepaper words, scaled by Log N. Disparate ideas inspired Satoshi to create a solution to revolutionize modern socio-economics and industry. The work reflects on the elements that brought this technology to life and challenges the underlying security model. Hidden in plain sight lies something more: a treasure hunt. 1 BTC is concealed within the work.

Considering the difficulty, Cryptogreetings commented later on that perhaps he would post more clues in the coming days, however many users have been so ‘puzzled’ by this drawing that they don’t even know where to start:

I’m better equipped to sell a kidney for $9k,” wrote user ChipAyten joking about the degree of difficulty of the challenge put in front him. Other users such as ahenley17 seem to feel the same way:

I was trying to do some crazy math and calculations with the words to try to find the phrase, but you really brought me back down to earth with that comment.

Some Theories for Puzzle Lovers

One of the most mentioned theories is that the seed of the wallet is the solution to the enigma.

Others, however, theorize it might be the private key and focus on finding the order of the characters which could prove to be even more difficult to solve.

Another theory suspects the solution is in the color. One point of attention is and strange notdef glyph which is near the Bitcoin logo.

However, of all the theories, the only helpful one is provided by puzzle creator who said that half of the BIP39 seed words that appear in the image can be discarded.

Artists use puzzles, games, and prizes in cryptos to promote user interaction

The use of art pieces with prizes in Bitcoin became popular thanks to an artist who posted an image of a puzzle within a beautiful painting on Twitter:

 This one was so difficult that it took more than three years of dedicated effort from users on forums, and other communities to decipher it.

One couple managed to solve the puzzle by putting focus on the flames on the original painting and won the prize of 5BTC, the painting contained.

Another initiative to use art and cryptocurrencies is CryptoArt, which makes beautiful paintings as paper wallets.

Without a doubt, human creativity just needs a small push and it flourishes in ways no one could’ve expected. If you decide to try out your lock in the search for the lost Bitcoin, good luck!

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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