Solana’s $HONEY Explodes with Coinbase Listing Announcement; GFOX Presale Pumps Despite Market Setback

There are always new possibilities in the crypto market, and right now, two tokens are getting a lot of attention for very different reasons. News of Solana-based $HONEY to be listed on Coinbase has sent its price pumping recently. 

Conversely, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), a new ICO crypto and relatively young project generating headlines during its presale period is not letting the volatility of the overall market stop it. Now, let’s go into the fascinating tales of these two best altcoins.

The Meteoric Rise of $HONEY

The price of $HONEY, a crypto created on the Solana blockchain, recently saw an incredible 78% increase in only one week. This spectacular rise, which brought the token’s value close to $0.20, is directly related to its imminent listing on Coinbase. 

Hivemapper is the creative geo-mapping tool that powers $HONEY and relies on community contributions. Users gather mapping data using dashcams and, in return, receive $HONEY tokens as rewards. In addition to drawing attention, this novel approach to creating a decentralized global mapping network has shown how useful $HONEY coins can be in real-world scenarios.

While $HONEY is having a positive moment, the broader crypto ecosystem is going through some challenging times. Recently, a notable increase in selling pressure caused large holdings to be liquidated. A blog post by Matrixport that alluded to a possible delay in the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs was a major factor in this decline. It was soon followed by a hack of the SEC account, where a fake ETF announcement then wreaked havoc on the market, causing over $200M in liquidations. 

These developments have caused the market to react with extreme volatility, highlighting its susceptibility to outside and governmental forces.

How Does the Best ICO Crypto $GFOX Resist Market Volatility?

In these unpredictable market conditions, Galaxy Fox’s presale stands out as a solid choice for investors. Despite some downturns in the market, Galaxy Fox has impressively raised over $2.6 million and is well on its way to hitting the $3 million mark. This isn’t just your typical crypto project; it’s a unique mix of fun and profit, all wrapped up in an Ethereum-based meme ecosystem.

At the heart of Galaxy Fox is a play-to-earn runner game where players battle it out and earn digital assets that can be traded for $GFOX tokens. The game smartly weaves in elements of meme culture, making it not only entertaining but also a way for players to earn real rewards.

But the fun doesn’t stop at gaming. Galaxy Fox also offers a great chance for players to earn through staking. When you stake your $GFOX tokens, you get a piece of the pie from the project’s Stargate. This feature takes 2% from every transaction and adds it to a pool of rewards, encouraging players to keep their tokens and stay active in the Galaxy Fox world.

And there’s more – this new ICO crypto is jumping into the NFT market. During its presale, it’s releasing around 3,000 unique NFTs. This NFT collection has a fundamental role in the game and the potential to grow in value. Players can mint these NFTs on the Galaxy Fox website and trade them on well-known NFT platforms. This opens up another path for players to invest and make a profit, upgrading the overall experience of being part of the Galaxy Fox community.

Bottom Line

The current crypto market is full of price swings and fluctuations, confusing investors. If you wish to bet on a stable choice that will gradually increase in value despite the external market direction, then Galaxy Fox is a go-to choice. With four more planned presale stages and guaranteed price increases ahead, this new ICO crypto is the ultimate choice to accumulate wealth while not worrying about market volatility and fluctuations.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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