Solana ($SOL) Surges, Outpacing Cardano ($ADA) with Hefty Gains and InQubeta ($QUBE) Forecasted to 50x by 2025

Buying up Solana ($SOL), Cardano ($ADA), and InQubeta ($QUBE) is arguably the best crypto investment you can make today. These top crypto coins have all recently enjoyed considerable growth with $SOL rising by 38% while $ADA prices grew 15% in the past week. $QUBE prices have doubled since the start of its presale and investors are set to enjoy 20% gains when the event moves into its fifth stage. 

InQubeta has already emerged as one of the top DeFi projects in the cryptocurrency sphere as its presale raised over $3.8 million. The project intends to open up opportunities to invest in artificial intelligence (AI) by providing an alternative way to invest in the technology. The goal is to allow its users to bypass the stringent requirements mainstream investment avenues often have, freeing up the flow of capital to AI firms while providing a more efficient and accessible way to invest in the technology. 

Experts tout InQubeta ($QUBE) as the best crypto investment to make today

InQubeta’s innovative way of opening access to artificial intelligence investments sets the project up for substantial growth in the next several years as the technology’s role in our lives expands. AI’s viability has improved exponentially since the days when most people only viewed it as an interesting concept that wouldn’t be a reality for a few centuries. 

It turns out programmers didn’t need that long to reach major milestones as AI now plays an important role in our lives. Some healthcare professionals now use AI to increase the accuracy of their diagnoses and financial institutions use the technology to detect fraud. Even the wildest AI concepts like humanoid robots are already being used by companies like Amazon to perform repetitive labor tasks. 

The massive improvements in the viability of AI have led to an exponential increase in investment funds, going from $12 billion several years ago to over $120 billion today. The AI party is just getting started as over $1.5 trillion is expected to be funneled into artificial intelligence by 2030. 

AI will transform most industries and create opportunities for investors to earn substantial profits. These investment opportunities are now available to all thanks to the InQubeta network. 

Here’s what investing on the InQubeta network looks like:

  • AI startups that have been approved by InQubeta’s team make non-fungible tokens (ERC20 coins) that denote investment opportunities
  • ERC20 coins are added to the ERC token list on the NFT marketplace so investors can learn more about the investment opportunities they represent and the firms behind them
  • Investors buy tokens they find promising with $QUBE. $QUBE can be purchased with fiat or top crypto coins
  • Investors track the value of their NFTs through their user accounts and can trade them on the marketplace anytime they choose

Solana ($SOL) grows 38% in a week

Solana hosts an open-source project that uses blockchain to offer decentralized finance services. Its protocol is used to create and deploy decentralized applications. $SOL prices have surged 68% in the past month and price charts are still trending upward. Prices could grow 8x in the coming months if its bull run sustains momentum and previous highs are surpassed. 

Cardano ($ADA) is finally out of its slump

$ADA prices have been trending downward for the most part since the 2022 crash, but the bullish attitudes currently dominating the cryptocurrency space have helped prices to rise from their long-term support level of $0.24. Prices have grown 15% in the past week and there’s a lot more room for growth if they return to highs set in 2022.


$QUBE, $ADA, and $SOL are some of the best crypto investments you can make today. $QUBE is the most promising out of their trio as some projections have prices rising 50x by 2025, as it helps to funnel over $1.5 trillion to AI startups. 

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