Solana (SOL) Price Prediction: Signs Of Bullishness, But SOL Is Eclipsed By These Altcoins

Solana (SOL) investors have been having a good time over the past few weeks and it might just be that this continues. The SOL token is showing some signs of bullishness. However, interestingly, many investors are turning to tokens like Slothana (SLOTH), Dogecoin20 (DOGE20, and Smog (SMOG) instead, possibly because of larger gains.

Here, we start by offering a SOL price prediction, before delving into the details of SLOTH, DOGE20, and SMOG.

SOL Price Prediction: Is $300 Attainable?

Earlier this year, the Solana price remained within a confined range for weeks before witnessing a massive surge as bullish momentum picked up. However, attempts by bulls to breach the resistance at $107.77 were met with rejection.

Following this, SOL token lost momentum, slipping below its support level and traded between $77.60 and $107.77 for about nine weeks, indicating subdued buying and selling pressures.

On a positive note, the Cross EMA 50/200-day served as a support, propelling SOL token into a bullish trajectory. With a surge of 99.32%, Solana price broke the $200 mark for the first time in over 26 months.

Despite facing resistance at $200, SOL token has been trading within the range of $170 to $200 since then, approaching a crucial test of resistance with unpredictable outcomes.

A sustained hold above $200 resistance could see bulls gaining momentum and aiming for the next major hurdle at $250, while continued bullish influence may drive Solana price towards testing the upper resistance level of $300 in the coming month.

Slothana (SLOTH) Is A Crazy New Meme Coin

Slothana (SLOTH) emerges as an innovative Solana-based meme coin quickly capturing the interest of cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The resurgence of meme coins within the Solana network has been remarkable, with Slothana leading the pack. Upon visiting the Slothana website, visitors are greeted with a unique atmosphere that sets it apart from its peers.

Born from the creators of the SMOG meme coin, which we’ll explore later, SLOTH shows promise for significant growth, mirroring SMOG’s impressive 75x surge. Since its launch, SLOTH has already secured over $6.9 million in funding within a short period, with potential for further growth, highlighting Slothana’s considerable potential.

Participation is simple: users transfer SOL directly to the specified address on the website—bypassing exchange wallets—and await the airdrop. With 1 SOL equating to 10,000 SLOTH, the potential rewards are substantial.

Given the recent surge in Solana and its associated meme coins, along with the upcoming bitcoin halving in April (coinciding with Dogecoin Day on April 20), Slothana is poised for significant advancements in the near future.

Dogecoin20 Takes Doge To The Next Level

Dogecoin20 (DOGE20) emerges as the latest sensation in the meme coin realm, entering the presale scene alongside established platforms. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain and harnessing smart contracts, users can stake their assets to earn more DOGE20. This iteration of Dogecoin builds upon its predecessor’s foundation, blending its essence with the allure of passive rewards, embodying the quintessence of meme coins with notable enhancements.

Distinguished from the typical meme coin narrative, Dogecoin20 aspires to enact tangible real-world change. Its ethos, encapsulated in the motto “Do Only Good Everyday,” extends beyond the digital sphere. Leveraging its online influence, Dogecoin20 inspires users toward real-world benevolence and community action, encouraging engagement in projects aimed at noble causes, thus fostering global betterment.

All staking participants contribute to the network’s expansion, reinforcing Dogecoin20’s commitment to promoting its ethos while providing users with opportunities to passively earn income. This innovative staking model cultivates a community ethos dedicated to supporting local communities in tangible ways.

The presale has already amassed over $10 million, with the current DOGE20 price standing at $0.00022. The next price adjustment is scheduled in approximately two days.

With a total supply of 140 billion DOGE20 tokens, only 25% is available during the initial presale, providing early investors with a foundation for future growth. A substantial portion, also 25% of tokens, is allocated for an extensive marketing campaign aimed at fostering a robust Dogecoin20 community and ensuring widespread availability on major crypto exchanges. Another 25% is held in reserve to sustain Dogecoin20’s long-term development and viability, facilitating the introduction of new features and covering operational costs.

15% is designated for staking rewards over an extended period, fostering stable growth and incentivizing users to stake their tokens for enhanced rewards. Finally, the remaining 10%, equivalent to 14 billion tokens, are dedicated to providing liquidity on decentralized exchange platforms, enhancing trading efficiency, and mitigating volatility.

Smog (SMOG) Flies High Above Other Meme Coins

In the fast-paced realm of cryptocurrency tokens, meme coins are in constant competition for dominance, striving to secure top positions. This trend has been particularly notable in the past year, with many meme coins consistently outperforming the broader market. It is anticipated that this trend will continue, with the meme coin sector remaining dynamic and profitable for investors.

Among the contenders in the meme coin space, Smog (SMOG) stands out as a significant player. This Solana-based meme coin has swiftly gained traction on decentralized exchanges (DEXs), reaching a market cap of $2 million on Jupiter. The upcoming airdrop indicates potential for substantial growth, supported by an ongoing 10% discount offer.

Following the successes of predecessors like Bonk and Myro, both of which experienced impressive growth, SMOG’s DEX trading volumes have surpassed even those of Uniswap recently.

With its strong momentum, SMOG is positioned to exceed the achievements of SPONGE, which surged 50x from $2 million to $100 million. As a result, SMOG emerges as one of the most promising cryptocurrencies for investment at present, with the imminent airdrop potentially catapulting it to the forefront as the leading meme coin of 2024.


The tokens of SLOTH, DOGE20, and SMOG seem to hold a lot more weight to investors right now. While Solana’s price prediction is by no means bad, investors simply seem to want more. Learn more about the three tokens mentioned here via the social channels and take a closer look at their tokens.

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