Solana (SOL) Dominates as Most Popular Blockchain Ecosystem in 2024: Report Shows Most Popular Layer 2 Ecosystems

According to a recent study by CoinGecko, the Solana ecosystem has emerged as the most popular blockchain ecosystem in 2024, capturing a staggering 49.3% of global crypto investor interest in chain-specific narratives. The study, which analyzed non-botted global web traffic from January 1 to March 18, 2024, reveals a significant shift in investor focus towards emerging blockchain ecosystems.

Solana’s Rise to the Top

Several factors, including its continued rally back to 2021 highs and the strong performance of key ecosystem project tokens like Pyth, contribute to Solana’s dominance in investor mindshare. Additionally, the popularity of native meme coins like Dogwifhat has further fueled interest in the Solana ecosystem.

Ethereum and BNB Smart Chain Follow Closely

The Ethereum ecosystem ranks as the second most popular blockchain ecosystem in 2024, accounting for 12.7% of investor interest. Despite being a well-established ecosystem, Ethereum’s mindshare is increasingly dispersed across the layer 2 ecosystems built on top of it.

Binance’s BNB Smart Chain ecosystem holds the third spot, with a 5.4% share of investor interest year-to-date (YTD). BNB’s price rally near its all-time high has contributed to the ecosystem’s continued capture of mindshare.

Emerging Layer 1 Ecosystems Gain Traction

Two layer 1 blockchain ecosystems, Cosmos and Avalanche, follow closely behind BNB Chain in popularity, accounting for 4.5% and 3.9% of investor interest, respectively.

Successful airdrops from Celestia and Dymension, along with the popularity of chains built on the Cosmos SDK, like the Sei and Injective ecosystems, have driven the Cosmos ecosystem’s mindshare.

Native meme coins like Coq Inu have fueled Avalanche’s mindshare, and its partnership to bring MapleStory on-chain demonstrates its potential to lead crypto gaming.

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Move Language Blockchains and Other Notable Ecosystems

Among the Move programming language blockchains, the Sui ecosystem has gained more popularity, with 2.1% of investor interest, compared to the Aptos ecosystem’s 0.5% mindshare.

The TON ecosystem, benefiting from Toncoin’s affiliation with the widely-used messaging app Telegram, accounts for 1.9% of ecosystem narrative interest and ranks as the 11th most popular.

Other notable layer 1 ecosystems include Cardano (1.3%), Polkadot (1.1%), Fantom (0.53%), PulseChain (0.49%), and Hedera (0.45%).

Layer 2 Ecosystems: Arbitrum and Base Lead the Pack

Among Ethereum layer 2 ecosystems, Arbitrum and Base have emerged as the most popular, capturing 3.3% and 3.2% of investor interest, respectively. The position of Arbitrum as the largest layer 2 in terms of total value locked (TVL) contributes to its mindshare, whereas Base’s popularity stems from its affiliation with the crypto exchange Coinbase and its native meme coin activity.

Other notable layer 2 ecosystems include Polygon (2.0%), zkSync (1.3%), and Metis (0.9%).

The CoinGecko study reveals a dynamic landscape in the world of blockchain ecosystems, with Solana leading the pack in terms of investor interest. As the crypto market continues to evolve, it will be interesting to observe how these ecosystems develop and compete for mindshare in the coming months and years.

The top 20 most popular blockchain ecosystems represent a combined 97.4% of investor interest, highlighting the concentration of attention on a select group of projects. However, with the remaining 2.6% of interest spread across 38 other ecosystems, there is still potential for emerging projects to gain traction and disrupt the current hierarchy.

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