Sneak peek at the first Holochain powered public application – hApp

Holo is designed to be a decentralized peer-to-peer network, which supports distributed applications that are secured by cryptography. Powered by Holochain, which is an agent-centric distributed computing framework, the Holo network is scalable and energy efficient. Even though Holochain is still in its alpha and highly experimental stage, first public application is already launched on it. is “the first fully distributed publishing platform, ever. And humm is the first community-developed Holochain-based hApp to go live”.

At very this moment Humm is hosted on 4 holochain nodes set up by the team. Once Holo – the hosting app goes live, Humm will be fully distributed. Then we are planning to enter in private Beta when we’ll be joined by 3th party bloggers who’ll be able to test the full agent-centric aspect of the hApp. Right now you are not able to download it. You could check the progress on Humm GitHub page. At this early stage of development of Holochain, Humm is the very first public hApp to go live and its kind of proof of concept.

The future of technology is distributed and ever since blockchain emerged back in 2009 pulled in the spotlight by bitcoin’s meteoric rise, decentralized and distributed ledgers have become the buzzword in high-tech circles.

However, as we experienced last year, blockchain has its scaling issues and many doubt it is the solution of the decentralized future. This doubt opened the door for the new, even more revolutionary tech named holochain, entirely new computing paradigm to facilitate greater social intelligence and coordination, based on patterns and blueprints found in living ecosystems.

Of all the next-generation application frameworks, Holochain and are built on the deepest understanding of how humans actually

Humm hopes to offer people new ways to connect, collaborate and demonstrate compassion for each other. The app came out today with a new feature – comments by users, directly on Holochain. Users can comment on humm blog posts using a Holochain-powered comment app!

From a user’s perspective, commenting on this holochain app is the same as commenting anywhere else on the internet. You create an account, craft an insightful comment, hit the “Submit” button, and wait for the community reaction to your wisdom.

Apology to Holochain purists

Since is ahead of the Holochain core development timeline, they had to approximate and mimic the functionality that is expected to be available in future Holochain builds. Humm plans their private beta for Q1 of next year — as soon as possible after the Holochain beta is released — so to hit that goal, they need to be working ahead of Holochain core development to a certain degree. The team sends “their apologies to holochain purists” for using non-holochain tech in their app but they also emphasize that is a transient measure.

Community reaction

Needless to say Holochain fans were thrilled with this important milestone for the emerging ecosystem and their feelings are best sublimed in the words of this observer:


Its both exciting and encouraging to see this whole Holochain based ecosystem emerging.

After Holo – the hosting Happ which is very fundamentally and strategically important for the whole ecosystem now we are witnessing the first flowers, the first birds signifying the post blockchain hype era manifesting. Applications and services build on Holochain.

I find also very interesting the fact that similarly to Holochain, which has no native token such as ETH for Ethereum (avoiding the speculative hype messing up with the proper development on a protocol level), the team behind Humm.Earth has chosen to do not have an ICO. At least at this stage.
I find this very encouraging that finally we might see a product being build (or at least a MVP) PRIOR asking for significant investments. That IMHO shows maturity and perhaps, the fact that some have learned their lesson from the ICO hype we have been witnessing in the past few years.

I’m looking forward to see how Humm.Earth will grow, hopefully create a healthy community and of course witness more and more teams, developers and entrepreneurs join this rEvolution!



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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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