Shibarium Launch: Will It Pump SHIB to the Moon or Lead to a Massive Sell-Off?

The Shiba Inu community is on the edge of their seats as the hotly anticipated Shibarium launch nears. Dubbed as a potential watershed moment for the meme coin, the layer-2 solution has whipped up a frenzy across social media and crypto forums.

But not everyone is jumping for joy. Amid the chorus of moonboy predictions, there are also voices of caution and concern. Will Shibarium rocket SHIB to stratospheric new highs or lead to a colossal selloff? Let’s dive into the intrigue and controversy surrounding what some are calling the most anticipated crypto event of the year.

Community Expectations

Some in the community are eagerly looking forward to the launch, believing that it could be a turning point for $SHIB. Others are more cautious, warning about potential sell-offs and expressing concerns about the burn rate. Part of the community is also speculating about the price of $SHIB, with predictions ranging from losing zeros to gaining zeros.

Whale.Guru, a prominent figure in the crypto space, has been actively sharing updates and opinions about Shibarium and $SHIB. Their tweets have fueled discussions and debates, with some agreeing with their bullish stance, while others remain skeptical.

Shibarium’s Impact

Shibarium is expected to bring significant changes to the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Some believe that it will lead to a supply shock and a huge pump in $SHIB’s price. Others are more reserved, questioning the hype and expressing doubts about the launch.

The launch of Shibarium is also seen as vital for $SHIB to reach certain price milestones, such as $0.01 or even $1. The community is divided on these predictions, with some expressing confidence and others dismissing them as unrealistic.

Controversies and Concerns

Despite the excitement, there are also concerns and controversies surrounding Shibarium and $SHIB. Some have accused certain entities of controlling most of the SHIB, bone, and leash tokens, leading to fears of manipulation. Others have expressed frustration with repeated news and perceived bluffs.


The launch of Shibarium is undoubtedly a significant event for Shiba Inu and the broader crypto community. It has sparked a wide range of opinions, expectations, and debates. While some are optimistic about the potential impact on $SHIB’s price and the broader ecosystem, others are more cautious or even skeptical.

Only time will reveal the true impact of Shibarium, but one thing is clear: it has captured the attention and imagination of many in the crypto world. Whether it lives up to the hype or falls short, Shibarium’s launch will be a defining moment for $SHIB and its community.

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