$Shiba Inu (SHIB) Fails to Enter Market Rally, Whales Dive Into this New AI Altcoin

InQubeta ($QUBE) is generating lots of interest among cryptocurrency whales as it emerges as one of the best cryptos to buy now thanks to the price structure of its presale setting where financiers who join now enjoy 3x returns on their investments.

The InQubeta project intends to make investing in artificial intelligence (AI) easier than it has ever been by capitalizing on the power of ERC20 coins (non-fungible tokens), blockchain tech, and smart contracts. It’s one of the best DeFi newcomers in the cryptocurrency space, with the potential to play a considerable role as the artificial intelligence revolution unfolds.

Meanwhile, Shiba Inu ($SHIB) backers are getting increasingly frustrated with the project’s attempts to encourage price growth by cutting down the 543 trillion token supply by periodically burning tokens. Data from Shibburn shows the rate at which tokens are now being burned has slowed down by over 80%.

Best cryptos to buy now: InQubeta ($QUBE) getting lots of attention from whales

InQubeta’s presale success isn’t much of a surprise to those who have tracked investor interest in AI over the past decade. The AI bulls have been out in full force since 2015, driving investments in AI from $12 billion back then to over $120 billion today.

This massive influx of capital has been highly beneficial to companies linked to AI like Nvidia, which became a trillion-dollar company thanks to increased demand for its computer chips used to run AI models.

The AI bulls have certainly noticed the InQubeta presale, helping to drive token sales over the $3.4 million mark. An additional $1.5 trillion is expected to be invested in AI by 2030 and the InQubeta project’s inventive way of opening up investments in the industry positions it to help direct some of those funds to AI startups.

The new way to invest in AI

InQubeta’s decentralized finance protocol provides AI startups with a more efficient way to raise capital while opening up access to these investment opportunities. Startups gain access to the ecosystem’s non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace once approved by the operations team, allowing them to mint investment opportunities into ERC20 coins.

The non-fungible tokens on InQubeta’s ERC20 token list on the marketplace can be bought with $QUBE, the blockchain’s native currency. $QUBE can be acquired with fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Investors acquire part ownership of these startups by buying their NFTs and some give them additional rewards like discounts on items developed.

Investing in AI isn’t the only way financiers can earn profits in the InQubeta ecosystem. Holding and staking $QUBE could be just as profitable thanks to its impressive growth potential. Tokens in circulation are capped at 1.5 billion and burn taxes cut the supply down further helping price growth.

$QUBE only needs to match the market cap of low utility meme coins like $SHIB ($4.2 billion) for prices to surpass $2.50. $QUBE currently sells for $0.0133, so a $200 investment today could be worth over $37,000 in a couple of years.

Shiba Inu ($SHIB) investors look for greener pastures

$SHIB investors have watched the value of their portfolios decline by over 35% in the past year, leaving some searching for more profitable tokens to invest in like $QUBE. Market metrics like $SHIB’s 10-day exponential moving average at 0.00000731 indicate prices will likely decline further soon.

$SHIB’s 589 trillion token supply has been its Achilles’ heel and Shibburn hasn’t burnt enough tokens to make a substantial difference.


$QUBE has emerged as one of the best cryptos to buy now as its presale offers investors who join today 3x returns. Its creative way of opening up artificial intelligence investments, the $1.5 trillion anticipated to pour into AI, and its well-structured tokenomics set this project up for long-term success.

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