Shiba Inu Price Prediction 2024: Can This Meme and AI Coin Beat SHIB?

Meme coins have witnessed a surge in popularity with the emergence of various coins in this category, offering traders the chance to achieve substantial profits within a short timeframe.

These tokens have evolved, introducing additional utility and innovative approaches to generate enthusiasm, leading to a resurgence in this particular market segment. Shiba Inu is one of the most well-known of these, but there are others that are also gaining the spotlight.

WSM has garnered significant attention and holds promising potential. This token summarizes the meme coin movement well. At the same time, AI-powered yPredict is also having a great presale.

We offer a price prediction for Shiba Inu for 2023. Then we go on to explain both WSM and YPRED, including offering information on their presales.

SHIB Price Prediction for 2023

Shiba Inu (SHIB) is currently being traded at around 0.000007603. Despite a push downward from last month, there are indicators that there is bullish momentum going forward. The 50-day exponential moving average and the RSI indicator support a buying trend, further reinforcing the potential for continued upward movement.

Furthermore, on the hourly chart, the 50-day exponential moving average acts as a reliable support level at approximately 0.000075. The closing of candles suggests that a decisive break above this level would indicate significant potential for Shiba Inu to continue its upward trajectory.

It is recommended to closely monitor the market and await confirmation of the bullish sentiment by observing sustained candle closures above the resistance level of 0.0000078. This critical level should be carefully observed for any further price developments. If it does manage to pass this mark, the next resistance level looks would be 0.0000079.

WSM is a Meme Coin That Could Trounce SHIB

Wall Street Memes, stemming from the GameStop controversy and the Wall Street Bets movement, is a community or platform that merges elements of internet culture, meme-based humor, and the finance world. Its primary aim is to satirize and mock the traditional financial system, while also providing individuals with the opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency investments, with a particular focus on meme coins.

In essence, Wall Street Memes tokenizes the movement by introducing its own cryptocurrency known as the $WSM token. This token allows individuals to partake in speculative investments reminiscent of those found on Wall Street, but with a humorous and irreverent twist. By becoming part of the Wall Street Memes community and investing in $WSM, individuals can express their support for the movement and potentially earn profits from meme-based cryptocurrencies.

WSM is Having A Stunning Presale

The ongoing presale of the WSM token is currently in progress, offering the token at a price of $0.0304, which will later increase to $0.0307. Despite its relatively short duration, the project has already raised nearly $10.7 million during the presale phase! Interested individuals can acquire the token using either ETH or USDT.

The WSM team has revealed the tokenomics for the WSM token. In the presale phase, 50% of the token supply has been allocated. Among this allocation, 30% is dedicated to community rewards, while the remaining 20% is evenly distributed between CEX and DEX liquidity.

Furthermore, an airdrop event is scheduled for the WSM token. To be eligible for the airdrop, individuals simply need to join and actively participate in the various social channels associated with WSM. Holding and trading WSM tokens also qualify participants for this exciting opportunity.

Wall St Memes stands out due to several compelling factors. Firstly, it boasts a large and active community across various social media platforms, providing a robust foundation for rapid growth and expansion. Additionally, the project’s previous interaction with Elon Musk adds an extra layer of credibility and recognition, which can significantly impact the trajectory of a meme coin.

The sizeable and engaged community also increases the likelihood of Wall St Memes being listed on a prominent tier 1 exchange. Such a listing is of great importance for future growth and visibility within the cryptocurrency market. Considering these factors, WSM is poised to emerge as the leading meme coin of the year, which is truly remarkable.

Meanwhile, AI-powered YPRED is Also Doing Great

yPredict is an innovative decentralized platform that harnesses the power of blockchain technology to establish a prediction market that is both transparent and secure. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and is fueled by the YPRED token, aiming to provide users with a decentralized alternative to traditional prediction markets.

By utilizing smart contracts, yPredict empowers participants to create and participate in prediction markets spanning various domains such as finance, politics, and sports. This grants users the opportunity to engage in decentralized prediction trading.

Moreover, yPredict introduces an exceptional feature known as “Social Trading,” which enables users to track and replicate trades executed by highly skilled traders on the platform.

The primary objective of yPredict is to democratize the prediction market industry by offering users an open and decentralized approach to prediction trading, characterized by transparency and fairness.

yPredict’s Features are Attracting Attention

The Market Predictions platform is designed to be an inclusive and easily accessible platform that grants free access to price predictions for coins and securities. These predictions are generated through a combination of in-house developed predictive models and carefully selected third-party developer models. The primary objective of providing these free predictions is to demonstrate the capabilities of AI/ML-driven tools in analyzing price trends on the yPredict platform.

The yPredict analytics platform encompasses a range of features, including pattern recognition, sentiment analysis, indicator analysis, and transaction analysis. The platform follows a freemium pricing model, offering three membership tiers: free, active, and pro trader.

The marketplace facilitates developers in offering the prediction outcomes of their models as a subscription service known as “Results as a Service.” Investors and traders can opt for monthly subscriptions to these models, granting them immediate access to the results through the yPredict platform.

This approach enables developers to generate a passive income stream while focusing on their primary task of constructing AI/ML models, without the need to engage in trading activities. At the same time, traders have the opportunity to choose from a diverse selection of predictive models and subscribe to those that align with their preferences. Additionally, the yPredict Terminal is an advanced trading platform specifically tailored for experienced traders.

The YPRED Presale is Also Solid

Leveraging the Polygon blockchain, yPredict tokens introduce a range of advantages, including compatibility with Ethereum, scalability, security, and an overall positive experience for developers. While alternative blockchain options may offer similar benefits, the Polygon community is widely recognized for its inclusivity and appeal to developers.

In order to maintain a reasonable token value as the number of holders increases, the supply of YPRED tokens is capped at 100 million. During the current presale stage, the token is available at a price of $0.09, with a listing price set at $0.12. The project has already raised over $2.6 million.

Furthermore, the project incorporates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) model. This model governs the listing and delisting of models on the marketplace, granting YPRED holders the ability to vote and contribute to the decision-making process. This democratic approach ensures transparency and fairness in decision-making.

Moreover, the implementation of the DAO Governance mechanism for model submission by developers further strengthens yPredict’s commitment to upholding high analytical standards on the platform. This enhancement resonates with traders, investors, and other developers who seek a reliable and trustworthy marketplace.

The future unquestionably belongs to AI, as evidenced by the significant investments being made in this technology. The convergence of AI and decentralized technology holds immense potential, and the current moment presents an opportune time for collaboration between these two domains.

yPredict introduces a range of innovative features and use cases, positioning itself as a promising project with extensive capabilities. As a dark horse of 2023, this platform has the potential to revolutionize the crypto market. The ongoing initial stage of the presale presents a valuable opportunity that is well worth exploring.


Both of these tokens offer enticing prospects for investors, deviating from the usual crypto projects and presenting ample reasons to anticipate the future. With their highly successful presales, it is reasonable to expect strong potential for price growth once the presale phase concludes. If these tokens pique your interest, exploring their presales would be worthwhile.

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