Sei (SEI) Up Over 1500% While L1 Narrative Continues Trend, Analysts Tipping Pullix (PLX) To Be Next In Line

Sei has increased by more than 1500%, firmly placing itself as a leader in the current Layer 1 ecosystem. Luckily, experts have picked Pullix as the next token to hit such gains. This makes it the best crypto to buy now for those who missed out on Sei.

Sei (SEI) Token Soars 1,500% As It Joins Top 50 Cryptos

Sei (SEI), a Layer One (L1) blockchain token, has skyrocketed by more than 1,500% since its inception in August 2023. The L1 network just received a massive upgrade, which accounts for its huge growth.

This version 2 upgrade, which adds Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) smart contract capabilities, is intended to make the network faster. Additionally, the Sei blockchain’s emphasis on decentralized exchange (DEX) trading makes it a possible competitor to centralized exchanges (CEX).

The Sei token hit an all-time high of $1.06 on January 3rd, 2024, up from its initial price of $0.0645 on August 15th, 2023. Interestingly, the cryptocurrency rose to the top 50 cryptos by market cap within six months of its mainnet launch.

Meanwhile, the Sei token has dropped gains in the latter part of January, fluctuating between $0.6685 and $0.8698. However, it is still trading in the green with a gain of 10.5% on the weekly chart.

Analysts Back Pullix (PLX) To Replicate Sei’s Success

Analysts predict that Pullix (PLX), an altcoin gaining traction, will have bullish momentum akin to that of Sei. The project’s cost has increased significantly during the past month, rising from $0.04 to $0.08, a 100% increase.

3,000 users have obtained the $PLX coin during this time. In addition, the project has garnered over $4.1 million in funding, indicating a significant increase in investor interest. At Stage 6, Pullix has less than 30% of its tokens left available before moving on to the next phase, having sold 14 million of them.

Pullix is a unique DeFi project that merges the best of centralized (CEX) and decentralized exchanges (DEX). Its main goal is to solve common issues in the trading world. The platform stands out with no fees, competitive spreads, and greater transparency, quickly becoming a go-to trading platform. 

It tackles the liquidity challenge that DEXs often face, encouraging users to join markets like FX with high trading volumes to boost liquidity. Pullix’s pricing is set to be more attractive compared to other big platforms. It also offers anonymous trading as it doesn’t require KYC checks.

Additionally, the DeFi project introduces Yield Farming. Users can earn PLX by staking LP Tokens, adding to the liquidity. Trades on the Pullix Swap incur a 0.25% fee, which is contributed as LP tokens to the Pullix pool.

These LP tokens are then converted to PLX and distributed to Pullix LP holders, enhancing their asset value and enabling passive income through fixed capital gains. Moreover, Pullix prioritizes users’ security by allowing them to keep their private keys safe. With this huge level of success, analysts see the PLX altcoin becoming the next Sei token with more than 1,500% growth. 

Final Thoughts 

Within six months of its launch, Sei has accomplished a major feat, soaring to the top 50 cryptos by market cap. Luckily for those who missed Sei, analysts have picked Pullix to mirror the same price trajectory. Pullix will be launching its platform in Q1 2024, making it the best crypto to buy now.

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