Sei (SEI) Up 52%, The Graph (GRT) Climbs 40% and Everlodge (ELDG) Has 100x Growth Potential With Its Unique Offerings

  • Sei has moved up by 52% and can break above the $1 price barrier again
  • The Graph has climbed 40% and can reach a maximum value of $0.4051
  • Everlodge introduces a Rewards Club and Property Launchpad and can spike 100x

Sei (SEI) is showcasing significant signs of recovery and is making its way towards new annual heights, as it fights to break above the $1 price barrier. The same can be said about The Graph (GRT), another cryptocurrency that has experienced a substantial price increase in the past trading sessions.

In the meantime, the Everlodge (ELDG) crypto could soon explode in value, as it not only provided early investors with 190% in ROI but also saw Uniswap listing. We will go over each one to determine how far they can spike, and to see which project has the best NFTs.

Sei (SEI) climbs 52% – price to move to $1.54

Sei (SEI) has moved upwards in value by 52% during the past two weeks as it initiates a road to recovery. Just during the previous seven days, the Sei price has managed to produce a major upswing as it climbed from $0.7 to $1.02, before falling back down to the $0.88 support. 

If the Sei crypto pushes upwards to the $1 range again, it has the potential to push forward the next bull run. As a result, according to the Sei price prediction, it can end in 2024 at $1.54

The Graph (GRT) climbed 40% in the past week – how far can it spike?

The Graph (GRT) is also showcasing a major upswing in value and could soon initiate an even further upswing. During the past week alone, The Graph price broke past the $0.20 price barrier after a substantial 40% climb. 

Moreover, it has further growth potential according to The Graph crypto chart. Climbing from $0.17 to $0.27 is a substantial jump, and at this rate, the crypto can reach new heights. According to The Graph price prediction puts its value in Q4 of 2024 at $0.4051.

Everlodge (ELDG) to feature Rewards Club and Property Launchpad

Everlodge (ELDG) is an upcoming real estate marketplace that can completely change how traders gain access to the real estate market. Specifically, it will enable anyone the opportunity to buy fractional NFTs of properties worth millions, instead of them needing to buy the entire property upfront.

  • By minting each property as an NFT, it can then undergo a fractionalization process. This way, it’s split into thousands of pieces, worth just $100 each. 
  • Anyone can co-own multiple shares within a single building, for example, or co-own a single fraction or multiple fractions in different properties spread out globally. As a result, it can feature the best NFTs. 
  • At the center of it all is the ELDG token, used for staking and governance. Moreover, the ecosystem is vast and will feature a Property Launchpad and Rewards Club.
  • Traders can get free nightly stays, or resell them for additional capital gains, and can invest in properties being built for long-term returns. 

So far, early investors got 190% in ROI. New investors can expect even higher gains as analysts project a 100x upswing soon. These aspects make ELDG one of the best cryptos to buy now.

For more information about Everlodge (ELDG) please visit their website.

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