How To Bridge Coins To Sei Network – SEI Bridge Tutorial

Bridging coins is a vital process in the Sei ecosystem that allows users to transfer tokens between different blockchain networks. The Sei Network has provided a seamless and user-friendly way to bridge coins. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process to help you understand and execute this process successfully.

Step 1: Wallet Connect

  • Connect Your Wallet: Click on Compass Wallet in the extension bar of your browser (install it, if you don’t have it installed already)
  • Enter Password: Enter your password to unlock your Sei wallet.
  • Connect Wallet Button: Click on the “Connect Wallet” button and select Compass Wallet.

Step 2: Choose Ecosystem

  1. Go to Bridge: Navigate to “Bridge” from the left-hand menu.
  2. Select Desired Ecosystem: Choose your desired ecosystem in the “From” dropdown list. Chains included in this process are:
    • Ethereum
    • Solana
    • Arbitrum
    • BNB Smart Chain
    • Osmosis
    • Optimism
    • (Ethereum is used as an example in the guide)

Step 3: Connect Wallet

  1. Connect Ethereum Wallet: Now connect your Ethereum Wallet by clicking on the “Connect Wallet” button.
  2. Enter Amount: Enter the amount of tokens you want to bridge from Ethereum.
  3. Auto-fill Address Option: Click the “auto-fill” address option. Note that the destination wallet will be the same Sei wallet you connected in step 3.

Step 4: Bridge to Sei

  1. Click “Bridge to Sei”: Click this button to initiate the bridge transfer.
  2. Approve Transaction: Approve the transaction on your Ethereum wallet.

Step 5: Track the Bridging Progress

  1. Wait for Transfer: Depending on the network load, it might take some time to get your funds transferred from Ethereum to Sei.
  2. Track Progress: While the bridging is being processed, you can click on the “You have a bridge transaction in progress” button on the top to track the bridging progress.


Bridging coins in the Sei ecosystem is a straightforward process that involves connecting your wallet, choosing the ecosystem, connecting your Ethereum Wallet, initiating the bridge transfer, and tracking the progress. The Sei Network has made this process simple and efficient for Seilors, allowing them to navigate the decentralized seas with ease. Whether you are a seasoned sailor or new to the Sei ecosystem, this guide provides all the necessary information to bridge coins successfully.

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