Safer Transactions with New TronLink Extension

Bitcoin, the leader in the cryptocurrency world, and, the first Bitcoin-only online casino, introduced the TronLink browser extension. The Tron Foundation developed this new extension that opens doors for many new opportunities when it comes to TRX transactions.

Direct deposits and withdrawals through browsers make for hassle-free and more secure transactions. TronLink prides itself on its decentralized wallet, physical insulation, and the safest algorithm encryption it offers to its users. The new extension will further tighten security and make everyone’s job easier.

What Is TronLink Extension?

TronLink is a browser extension that allows applications to connect to Tron Blockchain through a web browser. This way of connecting is more effective because it successfully cuts out the middleman.

Users will need to install the extension on Chrome and then make sure they are logged in to their Bitcasino account before they request a withdrawal or decide to deposit TRX. TronLink also allows for regular wallet balance updates.

TronLink will have an insight into the user’s funds and private key. However, the user will not need to share their private key every time they want to interact with the blockchain. The level of security will be even better than before — nothing to worry about there.

Download the Extension

Another advantage that comes with the TronLink extension is the ability to use the app on your smartphone or tablet.

As we’ve mentioned, it is available for Chrome, but also Android and iOS devices. Users can download the extensions from the verified page of their respective web stores.

So, deposits and withdrawals will be made with a single click in the browser extension in a secure manner. TronLink users will not have to leave the games or go through hardware wallets when using Bitcasino.

Future of E-Gaming

Cryptocurrencies are constantly on the rise, whether it is their value or popularity. With the advancement of the digital economy comes the rush of new users, innovative platforms and services, and more. On that note, Bitcasino has been a leader when it comes to connecting cryptocurrencies and e-gaming.

Since 2014, Bitcasino has been supplying players with an abundance of playing options. There are more than 2,000 games — from slots and table games to live dealer casinos. Bitcasino is always on the lookout for innovations that would make its users’ online experience more practical.

Players’ satisfaction depends on the ability to enjoy online gambling without any inconveniences when it comes to withdrawals. The TronLink extension provides Tron users with a smooth process of handling cryptocurrencies.

The extension is custom-built to ensure everything runs without difficulties. What helps with that process is that Bitcasino made sure that all transactions are processed within an industry benchmark standard of 1.5 minutes.

Why Choose TronLink Extension?

If the previous reasons we’ve mentioned, like smoother and safer transactions, are not good enough for you to download the TronLink extension, there are other reasons why this should be your choice.

You can use TronLink to securely send and receive TRX, TRC10, and TRC20 tokens. Additionally, you can use it to integrate smart contract calls on the developer’s site.

Another reason to opt for the TronLink extension is the speed of transactions — the Tron network processes about 2000 transactions every second and there is no room for bugs or delays.

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Rene Peters

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