Rumored Binance Listings for August 2023 – Potential Price Surges Ahead

Binance listing is much more than a listing. 

Being acknowledged by the world’s largest crypto exchange is a badge of honor. The news of a Binance listing is accompanied by price surges for the listed tokens. 

To help you plan ahead, here are five cryptocurrencies that have a probability of being listed on Binance this month. 

1. XRP20 – The New Evolution of XRP

The cryptocurrency most predicted to make its way to Binance this month is XRP20. If you remember the Bitcoin Cash pump, you will understand why. 

XRP20 is the XRP of the masses. Amid fears of XRP price crashing to $0.45, the XRP20 presale nears $1M. 

XRP has a massive market cap of $34 billion. But it’s not a people’s crypto. A substantially large share of the supply is held by institutional investors. In fact, the presale of XRP was largely inaccessible to the public. 

That’s justifiable. Because most Ripple products target enterprises and financial institutions. Not retail investors. 

XRP20, on the other hand, targets people. And the XRP20 presale targets retail investors. It is a project built to mirror the XRP bull run over the years for the masses. 

Now that XRP doesn’t have a lot of steam left and the best it can target this year is $1, XRP20 cashes in on all the vent-up energy. 

Why will XRP20 outperform XRP?

XRP20 is unlikely to reach XRP’s valuation even five years down the line. But that is of little concern to a retail investor. If you enter the XRP20 presale early enough, you stand a chance to earn multifold returns from the project’s journey. 

XRP20 has a remarkably low initial market cap. In fact, its presale target is just $3,680,000. Each XRP20 is selling for $0.000092 now. That gives early investors significant room for potential returns.

Attractive passive income

To promote long-term investment into the project, XRP20 introduces an attractive passive income opportunity through staking. There is also a burning mechanism, where 0.1% of every buy and sell transaction is sent to a burn address, reducing the total token supply and creating scarcity in the market. 

Together, these mechanisms are expected to lead to price rises, weathering market downturns.


2. Wall Street Memes – The Next Meme Coin to Explode

Wall Street Memes is a top contender for many tier-1 exchange listings this week. Yet, Binance is the one most looked forward to. 

The meme coin project is the biggest this year, as revealed by the meteoric presale that is past the $22M milestone now. The total target is $30M and by the looks of it, the presale will sell out in the next few days as whale investments are pouring in. 

For example, a whale bought 460 ETH worth of WSM less than a week ago. 

How did Wall Street Memes become a global meme coin phenomenon even before the token launch?

For that, we should take a look at the Wall Street Memes community of investors, traders, and business leaders. The community is 1 million+ users strong and is spread across the world. It has a strong foothold among retail investors, which has helped the presale gain speed and achieve the $22M milestone within a startlingly short space of time. 

So, yes, the fact that the meme coin is just an extension of the bigger phenomenon that the Wall Street Memes community is, has certainly won the confidence of investors. That gives the project a solid foundation in a market flooded with makeshift projects. 

But there is more. For example, Wall Street Memes is a community-first project that focuses on generating substantial returns for its investment community. To ensure the sustainability of the project, a massive community reward program is in place. A whopping 30% of the total token supply is set aside for this. 

The first of these airdrop campaigns is now live, with $50,000 worth of WSM up for grabs. Five lucky winners will split the rewards. 

We could also say Elon Musk’s engagements have catalyzed the presale. 


3. Chimpzee (CHMPZ) – A Wildlife Conservation Token 

Chimpzee is another excellent cryptocurrency to buy now. The Web 3.0 project addresses the aggravating climate challenge by not only raising awareness but also by encouraging and enabling individuals and businesses to join the climate action.  

Using blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and NFTs, Chimpzee creates a robust ecosystem that offers concrete solutions to combat climate change and wildlife destruction. It integrates financial incentives, transparency, and traceability to the mission. 

Given that most of us are concerned about immediate threats over long-term global issues like climate change, the world needs a project like Chimpzee. It knocks down the psychological and practical barriers that hinder widespread engagement in conservation efforts through its shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn pillars. 

The three pillars create a shift in behavior and inspire a more sustainable approach to environmental issues. The multi-faceted approach is part of a larger movement towards sustainability and environmental stewardship. 

  • For example, Chimpzee has donated $15,000.00 to the WILD Foundation to help protect one of the last herds of desert-adapted Elephants. 
  • Chimpzee has joined forces with One Tree Planted to plant 20,000 trees and restore rainforests on the Southwest Coast of Guatemala. 
  • More initiatives will be launched soon. 

The two key assets of the ecosystem are CHMPZ tokens and Chimpzee NFT passports – one of the most coveted digital collectibles of this year. The passports give holders a wide range of advantages within the Chimpzee ecosystem like higher rewards and staking Annual Percentage Yield (APY). 

The minting of the NFT passports is reserved for people who join the presale. Depending on the stage they join, the NFT tier varies. It is an opportunity to not miss out on. 

Chimpzee has launched a 10,000,000 token airdrop to celebrate its $1M presale milestone. To learn more, visit the official website. 


4. Shibie Coin (SHIBIE) – Meme Coin Awaiting a Bull Run this Week 

Barbie has been one of the biggest movies to release this year, thanks to the massive marketing campaigns that led up to it. 

Shibie Coin is a Shiba Inu knock-off that cashes in on the Barbie hype. 

The coin blends the SHIB and Barbie themes to power a meme coin mania this month. 

“This Shiba Inu-Barbie crossbreed is the prancing, panting, and downright provocative queen of the crypto world,” announces the website. 

The meme coin market is known for celebrating crazy themes, and by the looks of it, Shibie has got its game right. It will be in the presale phase till 8 Aug 2023, Tuesday, before making its way to crypto exchanges. 

Shibie’s chances of a Binance listing depend on its performance this month. While Shibie is not an ideal long-term crypto investment, it has the potential to take the meme coin market by storm in the coming months. 

In the first two weeks of the launch, Shibie has the potential to climb anywhere from 10X-15X. The next leg of the journey depends on the broader market environment. 


5. YPRED – Utility Token Underpinned by the Ultimate Trader’s Hub

YPRED, the native cryptocurrency of the yPredict platform, has been generating significant attention in the crypto market since its presale announcement. The token sale has gained large momentum, surpassing the $3.35 million milestone within days of its launch. 


yPredict is building an AI ecosystem that helps beginner and expert traders navigate the current crypto market landscape, inundated with bots and algorithms. While the application uses AI technology, it is more human-oriented than its competitors. For example, it offers curated price predictive models designed by crypto traders, experts, and quants rather than providing trading bots. 

As bots and algorithms have made the market increasingly unpredictable, we need applications like yPredict. While automated tools influence the price structures of various assets, yPredict empowers users to make independent decisions and make their way through the challenging market.

The project’s goal is to reintroduce certainty to crypto price predictions by leveraging the expertise of industry analysts and AI developers. With yPredict tokens, a user can make near-accurate predictions through monthly subscriptions to crypto price predictive models created by renowned AI experts, quants, and analysts. 

In addition, the platform offers services such as AI signals, real-time sentiment analysis on popular crypto coins, technical analysis by AI, and chart pattern recognition.

YPRED holders can also access the basic tools and functionalities on the platform without paying any fees. It helps reduce the token supply in the open market and nurtures its value with the growing user base.

It’s best not to wait until YPRED is listed on public exchanges to jump onto the project. YPRED can trigger a significant bull run upon its launch on public exchanges.

The ongoing YPRED presale is divided into multiple stages with different price levels. It is closing in on an early sell-out now. 


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