Ripple (XRP) Whales See Activity Spike Following Crypto Price Drop: Are They Buying this Ethereum Token?

Whales move tens of millions of Ripple (XRP) tokens as the price falls below $0.50. However, there is a new Ethereum token that they are also buying. Which token is this? And why are whales attracted to it? Keep reading to get the full gist. 

Whales Transfer 87 Million XRP After Crypto Slump

The crypto industry is currently in the throes of a slump. Despite this slump, big investors have increased their interest in Ripple’s XRP. According to the report, 88.68 million XRP has been transferred between exchanges and some unknown wallets since the dip began. 

The transactions that stand out the most are two whale wallets that bought 30.40 million and 26.44 million XRP, respectively, from Binance. The haul is worth a total of $28.24 million. On the other hand, another wallet dumped 29.88 million XRP, worth $14.83 million.

These transactions sent mixed signals to the market, leading to competing buying and selling pressures. 

XRP is still trading below $0.5, which is up from $0.46, its lowest price during this ongoing dip. Analysts say XRP could recover to $0.60 by next week as the market rights itself. 

However, XRP’s medium and long-term performance depends on the outcome of the SEC v Ripple lawsuit. Experts expect the final judgment to be delivered at any time now.  

A favorable decision might lead to a massive pump for XRP, while a win for the SEC might increase selling pressure on the already beleaguered token.

Investors See Opportunity In A New Ethereum Token

As crypto prices fall, investors are shifting focus to this new cryptocurrency named RCO Finance (RCOF). RCO Finance is a new DeFi project that leverages AI to provide ingenious solutions to DeFi problems. 

The project is currently in Stage 1 of its presale, and RCOF can be bought for $0.0127. Since the slump began a few days ago, the percentage of tokens sold in Stage 1 has increased from around 18% to over 20%. This might indicate that investors are considering other options for profit. 

This is understandable, considering that RCOF will surge 169% to 0.0343 in Stage 2. The token will also rise by a mouth-watering 3000% by the end of the presale. These gains offer savvy investors the opportunity to increase the value of their crypto holdings exponentially. 

The amazing thing about RCO Finance is that investors can gain much more than presale profits. The project has a variety of transformative DeFi solutions. One of them is its debit cards. 

These debit cards represent the cardholder’s digital assets. They can be used to interact with DeFi platforms like DEXes and dApps. The cards are also useful for converting crypto to fiat on demand. 

Another exciting feature is the crypto lending protocol. This feature allows users to earn passive income. Lenders make their digital assets available for borrowing and earn a percentage of the interest. 

RCO Finance also has an AI robo-advisor. This feature handles the entire trading and investment process, from analyzing market trends to discovering opportunities and taking advantage of them. It can provide personalized trading and investment strategies that align with individual preferences, objectives, and risk appetite. Investors will not need to hire an expensive investment advisor as they will get tailored insights from the AI assistant.  

Purchase RCOF To Supercharge Your Crypto Portfolio

Crypto investors and traders whose portfolios are suffering because of the recent slump can dramatically turn their fortunes around by buying RCOF during the presale. They will earn a 3000% profit when RCOF launches at $0.4. 

RCO Finance’s solutions like the robo advisor and crypto lending protocol can also help you grow your portfolio. The robo advisor aids your investment journey, while you can earn additional crypto from interests gained from lending your digital assets. 

Novices are also included, as they can start their crypto journey on a good note by buying RCOF now. 

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale:

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