Ripple To Drop XRP? RCOF, SOL, and ETH Could Be a Great Replacement

Last week, the Ripple (XRP) community almost went into FUD mode after a crypto expert signaled that Ripple might be planning to replace its native token. 

Expectedly, blockchain enthusiasts started speculating on the best token to replace XRP, and they concluded that Solana (SOL), Ethereum (ETH), and RCO Finance (RCOF) could serve as perfect alternatives. Keep reading to see what crypto experts think about these likely outcomes!

Ripple CTO Clears the Air on New Token Adoption

On June 7, 2024, Aspen Signals (a crypto influencer on X) noted that Ripple might plan to drop its long-time token XRP.

According to Aspen, David Scwartz’s (Ripple’s CTO) cover photo on X suggested that Ripple might soon be forced to choose between its vision (global payments using XRP) and its survival (a new token with less crypto legislation pressure).

Responding to this tweet, Schwartz said the photo is just a ‘fictional pitch for a fictional movie.’ However, some experts have suggested that the cover is misleading and could lead to unnecessary FUD for XRP in an unstable market.

In early June, XRP went bearish, and analysts say this negative market sentiment may have triggered the downward movement. On June 2, XRP traded for $0.5183.

A week later, XRP lost 4.60% and traded for $0.4944. Since Schwartz has cleared the air, we may see XRP bounce back and trade for $0.5250 before mid-June. 

RCO Finance: Accessing Cheaper, Faster, and Smarter Advisors

Crypto trading doesn’t have to feel like coding, thanks to new DeFi projects like RCO Finance. For context, RCO Finance is an AI-based advanced crypto trading platform that offers over 120,000 tradable assets to customers globally.

Thanks to its community-centric strategy and smooth UI, RCO Finance is fast becoming a household platform for crypto traders. As an RCO Finance user, the most impressive feature you’ll get to use is their AI-powered robo-advisors.

This crypto AI advisor will draw up personalized investment strategies based on your specific financial goals and weigh them against market conditions to ensure you get the best possible outcome. As a result, you can say bye to brokers, advisors, and fund managers.

Luckily, RCOF is already in Stage 1 of its presale, and the token is selling for $0.01275. This exclusive entry price will allow new investors to accumulate enough RCOF to navigate the new AI trading platform. At the end of the presale stages, RCOF will likely list for $0.4 and deliver an insane 3,000% to early RCOF investors.

Will Solana be a Good Alternative for On-chain Payments?

On June 6, 2024, Jon Wong (Head of Engineering at Solana Foundation), Stijn P (Co-founder at Hello Pay), and David Weber (Head of Institutional Markets at PayPal) hosted a space to discuss the future of on-chain payments with Solana.

According to these experts, the Solana ecosystem is robust enough to serve as the world’s financial settlement and global payment system.

However, SOL’s bullish momentum is slowing, and the token went bearish in early June. On June 2, SOL traded for $165.29. Seven days later, SOL lost 3.54% and traded for $159.44.

Solana has hosted and launched many successful DeFi projects in the last six months, and experts believe SOL will regain its bullish trajectory in a few weeks.   

SOL Flips ETH in Total DEX Volume

While analysts were researching alternative investment options, they found that Solana surpassed Ethereum’s 7-day DEX volume by $300 million between June 1, 2024, and June 8.

According to DEGEN news, Solana closed the week at $10.99 billion, while Ethereum finished at $10.68 billion. This data indicates that more retail crypto traders are pivoting from Ethereum to other chains.

Interestingly, ETH ranged in the first week of June. On June 2, ETH traded for $3,765. A week later, ETH lost 2.23% and sold for $3,690.

As the world’s top altcoin, the crypto community gladly welcomed the recent Ethereum ETF approval from the US SEC. As a result, crypto experts believe ETH will trade for $4,200 in Q2 2024.

RCOF Might be Your New Path to Crypto Fortune

We believe, and experts agree, that RCO Finance will likely disrupt the crypto industry like Solana and Ethereum did a few years back. To start with, RCO Finance will allow investors to triple their portfolio without any stress or risk.

Furthermore, RCOF’s major market listing will likely deliver a 3,000% ROI to early investors. RCOF will launch at $0.4; most analysts believe the crypto market will buy into the project quickly. If you missed out on Bonk and Dogwifhat, RCOF might be the next big thing you’ve been looking for!

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