Ripple Is Not Dead: Why You Should Continue Holding XRP Despite Its Free Fall Against Bitcoin

In a recent post on X (Twitter), crypto analyst Nick, known as Crypto Crusader (@NCashOfficial), argues that investors should continue holding XRP despite its recent decline.

The Case for Holding XRP

Nick notes that there is currently significant fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD) surrounding XRP, with many claiming that it is “dead” and a “scam.” However, he cautions investors not to be swayed by the negative sentiment.

As Nick explains, “The bottom won’t feel like the bottom” because the overall pessimism tries to persuade you to move on. He points to November 2022 as an example, when there was peak fear about crypto exchanges failing, only for the market to rebound strongly in January 2023.

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Responding to Counterarguments

Critics may point out that other altcoins are mooning while XRP lags. Nick acknowledges this but argues one can’t get caught up comparing assets in this volatile market. He notes that even Bitcoin has yet to reach a new all-time high in this cycle.

Furthermore, Nick explains that money tends to flow between assets, pumping certain coins over others in waves. Just because an asset isn’t pumping now doesn’t make it a scam or “shitcoin.” He reiterates that “XRP will have its time in the sun.”

Tuning Out the Noise

In conclusion, Nick cautions investors to avoid falling into the trap of reacting to short-term price declines. He notes that maintaining composure is critical in crypto’s volatile environment, stating “not everyone will make it” due to lack of emotional control and patience.

By tuning out the noise and FUD, Nick believes XRP holders will be rewarded in due time as the macro environment shifts.

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Temitope Olatunji
Temitope Olatunji

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