POP Meme Token Gains 900%, PANDORA Up 200% – $GFOX Yet To Enter The Fray

Memecoins are flying left, right, and center. The trick of the trade is finding the right one before it explodes. Popeye ($POP) meme token gains 900%, and Pandora ($PANDORA) up 200%. Almost any token can catch a bid in these conditions, and a new presale Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) yet to enter the fray is already being called one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy. While $POP and $PANDORA have already pumped, is $GFOX next in line to deliver facemelting gains?

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) The Next 100X Gem?

Galaxy Fox has yet to launch, and following enormous funding success, a massive price discovery phase is expected. Investors have already purchased more than $2.6 billion $GFOX tokens, and with well over $3.2 million raised, this up-and-coming meme has already outgrown the danger phase. A memecoin that makes it over $1 million is on the fast track to $100 million and beyond.

Two of Galaxy Fox’s core features are driving this rampant demand. First is the play-to-earn runner game. As well as locating Galaxy Fox in the GameFi narrative, this game allows anybody to turn their gaming ability into cash. Integrated on top of this addictive runner is an NFT layer. The top-ranked players earn prizes at the season’s end, and NFT holders unlock special in-game stat boosts.

The second big hitter is the staking rewards program. Galaxy Fox has created a novel taxation system and combined it with a token burn. These mechanisms whir away in the background accrual wealth for holders via scarcity, and all of these $GFOX stakers are earning yield on a deflationary token. The link between ecosystem development and payouts makes these holders stakeholders, and the price discovery phase promises to be a wildly lucrative opportunity for early stakers.  

Analysts are forecasting 100X gains this year, and $GFOX in its presale is easily one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy for anybody long on memecoins & GameFi this cycle. 

Popeye ($POP) Up 900%

Popeye is a generic low-effort memecoin. It shot up 900% because of the abundance of cash sloshing around the Ethereum ($ETH) ecosystem. This pump will be short-lived without any branding, marketing, or even a website. Certainly not a top crypto to buy.

Like thousands of other projects, $POP will have one good rally upwards and then slowly bleed as it fades into obscurity.

Pandora ($PANDORA) ERC404

Pandora has risen over 200%. It introduces a new idea/ design known as ERC404. This experimental token design combines ERC721 and ERC20 features to become a hybrid token/ NFT. As the space’s first mover, the concept of Pandora and the value proposition to hold it certainly exists. Whether it is among the top 5 cryptos to buy now is a more difficult question. It could provide the framework to bolster NFT liquidity, and in crypto, investors love to bid new infrastructural plays.

Closing Thoughts: $GFOX Posied to Rally Hard Q2 This Year

Missed the early pumps in $POP and $PANDORA? Luckily, the Galaxy Fox presale invites investors to join before it launches on the open market. Having an allocation before the token hits DEXs and CEXs is the cheat code for winning the memecoin game.

The best cryptocurrencies to buy are always those when an investor arrives early. Grab your $GFOX allocation before it launches, and be ahead of the crowd for the next massive pump. 

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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