PolitiFi Giant Trump ($MAGA) Continues Building After Finding $5 Support, While This Charity-Focused PolitFi Token Donates 20 ETH to Ukraine

PolitiFi market leader Trump ($MAGA) continues to build this week after finding support at the $5 level. 

The cryptocurrency is gaining traction from politically motivated crypto enthusiasts as it looks to make donations to US veterans and child trafficking prevention.

While PolitiFi is being used for a noble cause, one newly launched meme coin is raising funds to help provide support for the Ukrainians in their ongoing battle with Russia. So far, $ZELENSKYY has raised an enormous 20 ETH and continues building its community.

$MAGA Continues Building After Finding Support at $5 Level

Trump ($MAGA) continues building this week after finding support at the $5 level. The cryptocurrency is down by a steep 40% from its highs, but the community behind the project continues rising as they champion their support for the PolitiFi giant.

The cryptocurrency launched in August 2023 but found traction in early March after surging as high as $11.50;

The price of the token has since dropped, but support was found at $5 over the weekend as the community started to load up again.

$MAGA was catapulted into the spotlight after Donald Trump, the political figure it was based on, announced he is running for the White House job again this year. 

The project raises funds for donations to help US Veterans and prevent child trafficking.

What Other PolitiFi Tokens Are Gaining Traction?

$MAGA isn’t the only PolitiFi traction making waves in the industry.

With PolitiFi starting to explode, traders are beginning to position themselves into newly-emerging PolitiFi tokens, hoping to get positioned early to ride the 100x wave higher.

In particular, $ZELENSKYY is starting to see traction as its community continues building following its epic launch, which allowed the project to raise over 20 ETH to donate to Ukraine. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) Continues Growing After 20 ETH Donated to Ukraine.

Volodymyr Zelenskyy experienced an impressive market entrance on March 4th, causing its token to rally by over 5,000% and reach a market cap high of $600,000.

The project has since retraced from its peak, presenting the perfect opportunity to get positioned before the next leg higher.

The charity-focused PolitiFi meme coin intends to fight for sovereignty by auto-donating taxes straight to Ukraine. 

Based on the Ukrainian leader himself, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the meme coin intends to utilize the new hype to show that crypto can be used for a noble purpose. 

Launched by a well-known developer with the backing of a strong team and an army of whales, Zelenskyy continues to grow its community to shed light on the Ukrainian plight.

The project is gaining users after learning that 4% of every transaction (buy or sell) is automatically donated to the official Ukrainian support wallet.

As a result of the enormous volume, over 20 ETH have been donated – worth around $80,000 at the time – helping provide support for Ukraine during its time of war.

$ZELENSKYY has already donated more crypto to the Ukrainian cause than every other political meme coin combined. 

The new addition to the PolitiFi sector lets its holders feel good about making money while knowing they do their part to support those suffering in Ukraine. 

The team behind the project is meme coin savvy, having renounced ownership of the smart contract and burnt its liquidity – making it an entirely community-driven project. 

If $ZELENSKYY sees a similar volume to Trump, the community has calculated that they could donate $1 million to the Ukrainian support wallet in a short space of time;

Best of all, as the donations are crypto-based, they end up directly in the official Ukrainian wallet, meaning there’s no chance that the donations will end up in the hands of politicians. 

Recently, $ZELENSKYY was listed on the highly reputable Avedex site. The platform is viewed by millions of crypto enthusiasts every day, and the link to the listing can be found here:

$ZELENSKYY is a meme coin that can be purchased on Uniswap using $ETH. Join its Telegram community and follow it on Twitter to find out more. 

Contract Address;


Visit $ZELENSKYY Today.

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