Pepecoin (PEPE) and Mirror Protocol (MIR) to Face Turbulent Future — Meme Moguls (MGLS) to 100x in 2024

PEPE crypto already stands out as a unique and highly attuned coin specifically dedicated to the essence of meme tokens. Investors expect positive results this year as PEPE coin has received prominence from the use of the popular frog image for its branding, and its initial skyrocketing price trajectory. 

While Pepe coin will inevitably join the likes of Mirror Protocol to face turbulent challenges in the near future, Meme Moguls is emerging as a strong force in the meme coin space, ready to stomp on other low-performing meme tokens.

While An Anticipated 15x Gains Stands, PEPE May Face Major Turbulence This Year

Pepe coin made a recovery rise in the past few days that took its price above its resistance level of $0.00000105. This rise is a positive response to regulatory changes, particularly the SEC’s approval of Bitcoin ETFs. In the past week and month, PEPE has lost 15.39% and 28.92% respectively, signaling a weak phase for PEPE price.

Looking ahead to 2024, the growth potential of PEPE will be driven by its distinctive position in the meme coin sector alongside the growing popularity of meme coins. Investors eyeing a 15x gain in 2024 might find Pepe a good crypto to buy.

Nonetheless, Pepe may be bound for a turbulent path towards the end of the year given its tight competition with the likes of Dogecoin, dogwifhat, Shiba Inu, and Bonk. After Pepe hits a major high this year, it may potentially experience further volatility till the end of the year.

Mirror Protocol (MIR) Is Unlikely To Make Any Major Positive Price Shift This Year

Mirror Protocol is a synthetic asset built on Terra blockchain, with MIR token as its native token. Since its introduction in 2021, Mirror Protocol has refused to trade high, maintaining a steep decline that has driven its price below $0.1.

In the first quarter of its launch, the price of Mirror Protocol was able to reach a peak price of $12 and even priced higher for a few moments before steadily declining. Throughout 2021, Mirror Protocol declined till it finally went below $0 in 2022.

Having maintained a declining price performance, the price of Mirror Protocol is anticipated to not reach any peak price this year without any major development to incite adoption.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) to 100x in 2024 

Meme Moguls is gaining an increasing amount of attention in its presale and is set to top many meme coins like Shiba Inu and Pepe coin when it launches. It offers more than your typical meme coin, with features like meme trading, tournaments, prize pools and more. 

A testament to its anticipated success is its fast growth as it successfully completes four presale stages. Currently, in the fifth stage of the ongoing token presale, Meme Moguls has surged by roughly 90%, moving from $0.0019 to $0.0036, with a potential of 100x in 2024. 

Meme Moguls is a standout choice among the best crypto to invest in; while this is true for many reasons, the crypto project particularly comes with its blend of entertainment, education, and multiple earning potential. As Meme Moguls enters its new presale stage, it’s turning heads by amassing almost $2 million in sales.

It even gets more interesting as members can participate in a $10,000 worth of MGLS giveaway by engaging in a series of tasks mentioned in Zealy.  

Essentially, the platform integrates simulated investing, community tournaments, and metaverse, offering a holistic approach to crypto investment. Using $MGLS as both in-game currency and governance token adds a touch of legitimacy, making Meme Moguls a top contender in the meme coin market. 
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