Pepe Pumps 58% in a Day, But Frog Wif Hat Steals the Spotlight

Pepe makes headlines again with a meteoric surge. As the global crypto market rebounded after a short dip, Bitcoin is close to touching $57K, recording a 10% surge on the daily chart. 

Pepe has climbed 58% during the same window.

With Pepe’s pleasantly surprising surge, all eyes are on Frog Wif Hat ($FWIF) now. The new meme coin is expected to lock a 30X to 50X surge this week with its iconic theme rooted in French culture. 

Frog Wif Hat: The Frog With a Beret

Frog Wif Hat (FWIF) just launched on Uniswap. The timing of the listing is strategic, closely aligning with the beginning of the latest crypto bull market and the Pepe rally. 

Taking inspiration from Solana’s iconic Dogwifhat, $FWIF seems to be on the path to lead the meme coin pump this week. Within minutes of the launch, $FWIF’s price climbed 226%. But factoring in the upcoming pump, early investors can still get the token for a steal on Uniswap. 

Although launched on Ethereum, $FWIF will bridge to Solana in the second phase of the roadmap. The project’s goal is to move to a multichain structure, thus expanding its reach to a large community of investors, as well as to take advantage of diverse integrations. 

The meme coin’s expansion to Solana is clever. A series of Solana meme coins recently sent the Solana price through the roof. Among these are MYRO, BONK, and SMOG. While MYRO and BONK have largely exhausted their speculative interest, SMOG is set to ignite an exponential meme coin pump soon with its Solana airdrops. 

$FWIF, on the other hand, gives investors who missed out on these meme coins in their early days  another opportunity.

Since the launch of Frog Wif Hat, speculations have been surfacing regarding the team behind the project. Whether the founders of BONK and WIF are behind Frog Wif Hat or not, it seems to have a potent recipe for a meme coin pump. 

Dripping With ‘Haute Couture’

“’Opping onto a scene where it’s normal to put ‘ats on animals, Frog Wif Hat wears le béret, a staple of French culture. Always carrying a baguette, often grumpy or drunk, frequently chain-smoking whilst displaying a deep disdain for Americans, ‘e’s crypto’s moodiest toad,” notes the website in its introduction. 

While meme coins with hats are not new, Frog Wif dons a Beret. That speaks abundantly about the iconic status it’s eyeing for. 

Le Frog Wif Hat aims to become the epitomé of French meme culture, carving a new niche in the meme coin market. The frog with a beret is a game-changer, igniting one of the most sensational meme coin trends of 2024. 

A fair launch has led to the market entry of $FWIF, with all 1 billion tokens available on the open market. 

Liquidity has been locked on Team Finance, leaving no room for a rug pull or other fraudulent activities on the part of the team. 

Major Exchange Listings Awaited

As the potential frontrunner of this meme coin season, Frog Wif Hat is expected to make its way to leading centralized exchanges in the coming days. It is likely to begin with Kucoin. 

If the success of Dogwifhat is any example, Frog Wif Hat has the potential to amass a $100M market cap over the next few weeks. But $FWIF will set a faster growth trajectory as the meme coin market is fertile for action now.

The project’s unique narrative is set to explode into a sensation. 

“Frog Wif Hat is the Eth & Solana meme with a certain je ne sais quoi. He’s avant-garde, au contraire, a bourgeois toad who loathes today’s nouveau riche, no class memes. Buy $FWIF and kill them all to effect the ultimate coup d’état,” states the litepaper

Utilizing, $FWIF will be available on Solana, the world’s second-biggest meme coin community, in the second phase. 

More than the initial budget and price trajectory, entry points make a big difference in a highly volatile landscape like meme coins. Investors who miss out on the low entry points to Frog Wif Hat now will have to pay a hefty price tag for the token once it takes off. There is not much time left!


Mega Airdrops: SMOG on the Brink of a Surge

SMOG is another fertile meme coin set to surge this week. 

Solana airdrops ingrained into the project’s roadmap are expected to take $SMOG anywhere from 3X to 10X up the charts. The Solana meme coin is known for its dragon-themed narrative and airdrops:

“The mighty Smog reigns over the crypto battlefield, incinerating all his foes. As the dragon fire burns, the Greatest Airdrop in History gathers pace. No other meme coin can survive the fiery flames. Buy and hold $SMOG to gain airdrop points and join the dragon in vanquishing his enemies!” notes the website. 

Investors who choose to buy SMOG tokens directly from the website get a 10% over-the-counter (OTC) discount.

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