PEPE Dethrones BOME as Top Trending Crypto After 1400% Surge in 30 Days: Will $MEDA Be The Next to Explode?


  • PEPE leads meme coins as investor interest pushes it past the resistance level.
  • BOME is still very volatile as scalpers balance with long-term investors. 
  • Milei Moneda promises short-term gains and long-term benefits.

Solana meme coins are sporting a dominant shape in the meme coin sector. From BONK to Dogwifhat, they have constantly threatened the top altcoins in the sector. While the two coins seem to have cooled, the Solana ecosystem is out with yet another meme token. 

Book of Meme launched in February, and its rise to the top has been more than a little intimidating. BOME was a top crypto to invest in for most of February, and even now, it stands at about 1,400% monthly profits. BOME is lagging now in its two-horse race with PEPE, as the older token is regaining investor confidence by the day.

PEPE’s gains in the past month have been no slouch, as it surged by over 500%. While PEPE has not been on the same speed as BOME, investors are banking on PEPE to repeat its post-launch rally from last year after the Bitcoin halving in April. Currently, PEPE has broken into the top crypto coins, according to CoinMarketCap, occupying 41st place in the top 100 ranking.

There’s even more meme coin drama now that Milei Moneda is joining the market. $MEDA is prepping a cryptocurrency ICO that will send Milei Moneda into the best altcoins to buy.

Economize Like Milei: Invest in $MEDA!

PEPE vs. Book of Meme

Meme coins have been the best cryptos to start crypto trading with for ages, and it’s no surprise that traders turn to them when we anticipate bull runs. And bull runs don’t get better than the incoming Bitcoin halving.

PEPE lost a lot of its following last year after it proved to be, well, just a meme coin. Many investors cut their losses on the PEPE project after its altcoin price kept dipping, but they are back now for the alt season. PEPE has spiked by about 585% in 30 days, second only to FLOKI among the top meme coin gainers. There have been some dips along the way, but PEPE seems determined to set a record ATH in the next bull run.

On the other hand, there is Book of Meme, fresh from its 1,400% price pump in the past month. Book of Meme’s launch left the entire meme market in its rearview, as BOME quickly joined the best coins to invest in just days after getting listed. 

According to some analysts, the reason for BOME’s sharp rise was that many traders went bearish on the token after it launched. After Book of Meme resisted the pressure, the initial bears turned bullish, selling their other holdings to buy Book of Meme at even higher rates.

Explosion in Meme Coin Market; How to find potential successors to $WIF, $PEPE, and $BONK?🤫

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The intense buy pressure that followed pushed Book of Meme to the top of the charts. Now, analysts from CryptoTicker think that the BOME spike will only last for a while. This places PEPE as a strong favorite for investment ahead of the Bitcoin halving, although BOME is not so far behind.

Milei Moneda Bringing Real-Life Utility to the Meme Market

Do you know another token among the best coins to invest in? Milei Moneda, the ongoing $MEDA presale is your chance if you’re considering investing.

But before the presale information, here’s a bit on Milei Moneda and its project. Essentially, $MEDA will maintain its meme status while encouraging DeFi through its memes and community. How? Milei Moneda embodies the person of Javier Milei, one of the most memeable presidents in the world, as he strongly supported cryptocurrencies and their use in Argentina.

The president is the inspiration behind $MEDA, and the project intends to combine fun and jokes as it shapes governmental policies regarding cryptocurrency.

But Milei Moneda is not just a social media craze; the meme coin’s got ambitions, too. And its token community will be the chief executor of $MEDA’s projects. Members can suggest brilliant DeFi features, and the rest of the community votes and approves the best for Milei Moneda. Voila: the platform develops with the best DeFi projects in the market.

In the long run, these projects will draw in users from all over the crypto-verse while ensuring that long-term investors are constantly profitable. Right now, $MEDA is in Stage 1 of its presale, selling at $0.010. The token is set to launch at $0.020, giving early adopters 100% returns even before it starts trading on exchanges.


PEPE is getting quite the attention from investors, with Bitcoin’s halving coming up in less than a month. Milei Moneda could be the next PEPE, as its cryptocurrency ICO spreads rapidly throughout the market. Meanwhile, BOME was once the leader but is now operating mostly in PEPE’s shadow. 

Get into the $MEDA ecosystem today; buy your tokens at $0.010 each and lock in 100% profits by mid-year. 

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