Onslaught of pro-Ripple bots on social media: XRP beats mustard and mayonnaise as the best condiment

There is a widely spread narrative in crypto community that social media, especially Twitter, is swarmed by XRP shilling bots. Essentially, whenever someone mentions XRP or Ripple in their tweet, at least 3-5 users emerge from the Twitter depths to either support (if the tweet is XRP positive) or attack the tweet (if it is critical of XRP).

Stephen Palley, lawyer with affinity towards crypto and blockchain, is known for his funny polls that usually troll someone or something. This time, it was time to check the hypothesis about XRP social media manipulation. Palley did it in a fairly simple way by asking his followers which condiment they prefer.

As you can see, XRP won with a comfort margin over mayonnaise, while mustard and fish sauce stood no chance. So, we apparently have a new use case for XRP – aside of being “the standard” for cross-border payments, XRP is also fit for human consumption.

To be fair to XRP, this could have been skewed by other trolls voting for XRP to “prove their point”. Nevertheless, it is awfully suspicious that no other coin, even the ringleader bitcoin, doesn’t have the crew of hitmen ready to assassinate any Twitter user who dares to challenge XRP’s predestined world dominance.

One of the grand marshalls of this XRP army is a user that goes under a moniker XRPTrump who denied existence of XRP bots and explained the motives behind the accusations:

Another prominent XRP backer on Twitter posted this:

Again, it is a fair point – people do like to voice their opinion on XRP and the debate about its issuance, centralization and legal position is the only non-volatile occurrence in crypto world: you can count it will be there every day, same place, same people, same arguments on both sides. There is still some entertainment value in it so if bear market bores you, head for Twitter and search for XRP related tweets.

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