OmiseGo (OMG) is boring these days. But boring is good for business

OmiseGo has seen better days for sure, just like the rest of the market. It has followed the slow bleed pattern of its crypto compatriots, falling from its late April highs of $21 USD to the lows of $8.71 USD, losing almost two thirds of its value in less than two months. The coin is stuck in a period of sideways movement and is currently traded at $9.13 USD (-0.20% drop in the last 24 hours). With a current market cap of $932,024,014 USD, OmiseGo is currently trying to supplant Ontology as the 20th most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

This Plasma-based platform designed to connect real time mainstream payments and cross border remittances recently greeted its fans and holders with a positive update. Namely, the platform announced the launch of its second blockchain focused co-working space in Singapore. Partnered with the Neutrino company, OmiseGo launched the first working space in Tokyo. The latest one is a continuation of their fruitful partnership, with plans to deliver more similar updates in the future.

The workspace bears the name of Neutrino and is designed to enable and motivate increased innovation, collaboration and networking among OmiseGo user base. Blockchain developers, engineers, academics and regular users are encouraged to give their input and work together on expanding the value, reach and usability of the OmiseGo brand. A series of events, workshops, and meet-ups will be held at the Neutrino HQ in Singapore to provide an inspiring, collaborative, and productive environment for building blockchain projects of the future.

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The co-working space is located in The Great Room Centennial Tower and offers a world-class co-working space featuring dedicated office space, hot desks, meeting rooms, and an event space which can accommodate up to 150 people.

Nick Gan, OmiseGo Country Manager for Singapore, confirmed that this workspace will ensure access to a nation full of smart technology driven, start-up focused individuals, which should help OmiseGo future development:

“Singapore is a prime location for the very first Neutrino to launch in Southeast Asia. With the country’s forward-looking Smart Nation drive together with Neutrino’s strong connections with key innovators in the blockchain space, we are confident that this initiative will help companies harness the power of networks and connect internationally,” said Gan after the launch. He further expanded by saying:

“The key goal behind setting up Neutrino is to facilitate an environment where community members can drive innovation, to collaborate and experiment together as blockchain technology evolves.”

The update should encourage more crypto and non-crypto oriented people to look into OmiseGo and consider collaborating with the project. The workspace is a good centralized hub for exchanging ideas, education, teamwork and networking. OmiseGo’s plans to expand the Neutrino spaces even further throughout Asia should bode well for the project’s long term fortunes.

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