No X token After All: DOGE Back in the Game as Main Crypto on X Platform?

Elon Musk, the CEO of X, has declared that his company will “never” launch its own cryptocurrency. This unexpected announcement has sparked a wave of speculation among crypto enthusiasts and analysts. The burning question on everyone’s mind: Could this mean Dogecoin (DOGE) is back in the game to be a potential coin for payments on X?

While Musk’s statement has left the crypto community in a state of uncertainty, it has also opened up a new avenue of speculation. The possibility of Dogecoin, the meme coin turned serious contender, being used as a payment currency on X’s platform is now being seriously considered.

However, it’s important to note that Musk himself has not confirmed whether Dogecoin will indeed be embraced as a payment currency on X. Despite this, some analysts are predicting a potential increase in the price of DOGE if it is integrated into X’s payment system.

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In the midst of this speculation, crypto traders are buying up DOGE in hopes that the token might play a larger role on X’s platform. This anticipation is fueled by the potential for increased visibility and utility that Dogecoin could gain from such an integration.

Prominent crypto influencer, David Gokhshtein, has added fuel to the fire with his recent tweet.

Gokhshtein stated, “$DOGE to be used as a payment method on X,” further stirring the pot of speculation.

Adding to the discourse, Rekt Capital, a well-known name in the crypto space, noted that Dogecoin is currently rejecting pattern resistance. They attributed this to the rumors about Elon Musk introducing Dogecoin as a payment option on X.

You can view our Dogecoin price prediction here.


Source: CoinStats

The potential impact of Musk’s decision to include Dogecoin in X’s payment systems is not to be taken lightly. With Musk’s global popularity, this move could put Dogecoin under the international spotlight, increasing its visibility even further.

The addition of new utilities could spur adoption and drive sustained growth for Dogecoin. While price pumps may occur, the impact of this level of exposure could usher in a new phase for Dogecoin, transforming it from a meme coin to a serious player in the crypto market.

However, it’s crucial to remember that, at this stage, these are only speculations. Nothing has been confirmed regarding Dogecoin’s role in X’s payment system. As always in the volatile world of cryptocurrency, only time will tell what the future holds for Dogecoin and X.

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