NFTs Will Make a Major Comeback in 2024 — Here Are The Best NFT Coins to Buy Now

After a long period of underperforming – or as some would argue, an outright pounding – Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) enjoyed a bit of a comeback in 2023. But market experts are far more bullish about 2024, predicting that NFTs will make a roaring comeback. However, it wil be fundamentally different from the 2021 NFT boom.

Experts have explained that the best NFTs to buy heading into 2024 are those focused on direct value creation. So, let us look at the best NFT coins that look primed to lead the comeback of the sector in 2024.


Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Strategically Positioned for Massive Growth in 2023

While there is overwhelming support for NFTs entering into 2024, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) is one of the NFT coins that looks to outperform the market. Firstly, these NFTs meet the requirement of creating value. 

Unlike regular NFTs, these assets are integrated into the Galaxy Fox game, making them some of the coolest NFTs. Within the game, they serve different purposes, from character powerups to boosts, among others. This versatility has made them some of the best NFTs to buy before 2024.

In addition, this ties to its blockchain game, which is another advantage Galaxy Fox has. In 2023, blockchain games have grown by more than 84%. As we enter into 2024, market experts have predicted that it could be the landmark year for blockchain games. 

Already, the price of $GFOX has reacted positively to these developments, increasing from $0.00066 to $0.001749 in December alone. As both the NFT and gaming market explodes in 2024, analysts have forecasted up to a 50x price surge for $GFOX, making it one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy before next year. 


Solana Migration Yields Fruit for Render ($RNDR)

In the fourth quarter of 2023, Render Network migrated to the Solana network to benefit from higher scalability. You probably know Render for its attempts to bridge people who need GPUs with those who have them. Its Solana migration brought real-time streaming dynamic NFTs to the Render network.

Since then, the utility token of the network, $RNDR, has been on the rise. $RNDR has increased by 60% on the monthly chart, making it one of the best cryptos to buy. However, as a distributed GPU rendering network, it is a top NFT coin to buy for the future.

Theta Network ($THETA) To See a Resurgence in 2024

Like other coins on this list, Theta Network ($THETA) is a unique project. The Theta Network is on a mission to revolutionize the media and entertainment industry with Web 3. One way it achieves this is by using NFTs. 

Its utility token, $THETA is used to create and distribute NFTs on the network. Already in 2023, the Theta Network has seen a growing number of NFTs deployed on its Web 3 blockchain. The connection to its NFTs and the unique niche of the network in video streaming makes $THETA one of the best crypto coins to buy.

Axie Infinity ($AXS) Begins Recovery. How High Can It Go in 2024?

The fourth quarter has brought significant price recovery for Axie Infinity ($AXS). Despite having some of the best NFTs to buy, the $AXS token struggled for most of 2023, hitting a low of $4.1 in mid-October. However, since then, the token has been on the rise. 

Since then, the price of $AXS has increased to touch $10.4 in December. Although it has retraced back to $9.5, Axie Infinity remains in an uptrend pattern, specifically a “Channel Up” pattern. If this pattern holds, the price could jump to $12 soon, making it a good cryptocurrency to buy now.

Closing Thoughts

Once the talk of the town, NFTs are now poised for a major comeback in 2024. As a result, the crypto community is presented with a wave of opportunities, with $GFOX, $THETA, $AXS, and $RNDR leading the way. With Galaxy Fox benefiting from this growth and that of blockchain gaming, analysts have tipped it to outperform the crypto market. So make sure to get in early while this coin is still in the early presale stages.

Learn more about Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) here:

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Torsten Hartmann
Torsten Hartmann

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