Next-Gen vs. Established Crypto: How DeeStream (DST), Cosmos (ATOM) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Look to Deliver

The enduring battle between next-gen crypto projects and established old favorites is nothing new. 2024 is continuing the trend, with DeeStream (DST) looking to lead the way with its decentralized Web3 content-sharing platform, which is set to revolutionize online video streaming. Meanwhile, established platforms Cosmos (ATOM) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) remain relevant moving forward.

DeeStream (DST): Rewards, governance, transparency, and free speech

DeeStream (DST) has hit the ground running, fueled by a new video streaming method. While users benefit from unprecedented governance control, instant withdrawals and deposits, rock-bottom transaction fees, and free speech, the DeeStream (DST) presale is proving a hit with crypto investors worldwide.

In addition, all users benefit from the comprehensive rewards program, where creators earn as they create, and viewers earn as they grow the community. Meanwhile, with no interference or control imposed by centralized bodies such as Kick, Twitch, and YouTube.

The DeeStream (DST) presale is still in its opening phase but selling fast, with coins priced at $0.035. With the window closing on this exciting 50x crypto opportunity this year, time is running out for smart investors to make massive gains.

Cosmos (ATOM): Interoperability, scalability, and innovation

Cosmos (ATOM) is an innovative blockchain solution that enables interoperability and scalability. Using the Tendermint consensus protocol, Cosmos (ATOM) allows secure, efficient, and seamless transactions through Byzantine Fault Tolerance.

The ATOM token provides Cosmos (ATOM) with its stake and governance capability, allowing users to actively participate in helping secure the network and decision-making. This adaptable, modular, and versatile design allows Cosmos (ATOM) to stand out from competitors, offering a scalable and interconnected blockchain network.

As a pivotal player in the blockchain sector, Cosmos (ATOM) remains a popular choice among developers seeking to create decentralized apps and take advantage of interoperability.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH): New lease of life after ETF approval

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) initially experienced an unexpected nosedive after the recent spot ETF approval alongside Bitcoin. However, as Bitcoin (BTC) has recovered, so has Bitcoin Cash (BCH), leading analysts to expect plenty of gains for investors once the next Bitcoin halving event occurs later this year.

Although critics would argue that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has failed to keep up with developments in the crypto industry, the same charge can be leveled at Bitcoin (BTC), which remains the strongest crypto by value and market cap. Indeed, with Bitcoin (BTC) remaining an efficient asset transfer vehicle, analysts are tipping Bitcoin Cash (BCH) as a dark horse to push gains in 2024.


While Cosmos (ATOM) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) continue to chart a steady course toward slow gains, DeeStream (DST) is cutting through the waters of cryptocurrencies like a speedboat. Investors seeking enormous growth potential of around 50x are flocking to this pioneering upstart crypto project in their droves. With a unique value proposition, DeeStream (DST) looks likely to reign supreme in 2024.

Find out more about the DeeStream presale at their official website

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