Newsflash: VeChain partners up with a custom sneaker-making brand, Waves launches a gaming programme while Steve Wozniak likes bitcoin

  • Steve Wozniak speaks on the topics of Bitcoin and blockchain

Steve Wozniak, the man who co-founded Apple Computers, has caught the blockchain bug.

Speaking at the Crypto Invest Summit in Los Angeles, Wozniak compared Bitcoin to digital gold and spoke about why he likes the technology behind it:

“You can look at Bitcoin as the example, the gold. And it’s just like – oh my gosh, no control anywhere. And it really works. People said that about small computers in the early days, ‘This won’t be anything.’ No big company would invest in it. My company Hewlett Packard turned me down five times.”

Wozniak further added that the fact Bitcoin has no owner, no creator, and no central control is what makes it appealing to so many people all over the world.

Later on, he detailed what needs to happen for blockchain technology to gain mainstream adoption:

Every single blockchain application I hear about, whether it’s manufacturing or materials sources or the history of real estate or voting – every application I hear about is ‘Woah, this is so intriguing. Will it actually work?’ And eventually it boils out to which ones do work, and we need one bowling pin after another. And it may take a while to start it because people can’t change their ways easily to things they don’t understand fully inside.”

Check out his complete address here.

  • VeChain partners up with a custom sneaker-making brand

VeChain will be present during this year’s Street Superior event which will last from 26th to 28th of October.

VeChain will be showcased with influential Singapore sneaker artist — SBTG (Short for SABOTAGE) in an initial limited edition collection of sneakers integrating smart chips and blockchain technology.

Thanks to VeChain, SBTG customers will be able to verify the authenticity and proof of origin of their shoes.

VeChain will be the only technology-related partner of the event and will be showcased in a special “SBTG x VeChain” product.

  • Waves launches a gaming programme

Waves, a decentralized platform dedicated to creating complete blockchain based ecosystems for developers, started a new initiative focused on video games.

Looking at what the blockchain technology has to offer to this $100 million industry, Waves felt that tokenization is a perfect match for digital items trading which is currently popular in video games.

Tokenization could, according to Waves, provide a more transparent, safe, peer-to-peer way of trading these items.

In line with that thinking, Waves will offer one million WAVES (around two million USD according to the current token value) to motivate developers to build their games on the Waves blockchain.

Besides financial support, Waves will offer a complete ecosystem for game development, including:

  • Easy integration with Software Development Kit (SDK)
  • Your own item marketplace on White Label exchange
  • Seamless user experience with browser plugin and mobile wallet

The program will also offer advice and assistance to developers who choose Waves as the platform to develop their video games on.

  • Chinese arbitration court votes for Bitcoin

The Shenzhen Court of International Arbitration performed a case analysis which further described its ruling on a recent economic dispute that involved a business contract relating to possession and transfer of crypto assets.

The case analysis showed a contract agreement between unnamed plaintiff/defendant which allowed the latter to trade and manage a pool of cryptocurrencies on the plaintiff’s behalf.

The plaintiff said that the defendant didn’t return the cryptocurrency as agreed and decided to take the matters up to court, seeking his full investment back (20 Bitcoin, 50 Bitcoin Cash, and 13 Bitcoin Diamond) with interest.

The defendant presented an argument which claimed that the PBoC’s recent ban on crypto meant crypto payments are illegal, making the contract invalid. He also pointed out he had no way of actually sending the assets to the plaintiff due to the ban.

The arbitrator stated that there is no law in China currently that prohibits the possession of Bitcoin and its transactions between individuals and that the ban focused on ICO’s and trading exchanges.

Furthermore, the court confirmed that rights to own Bitcoin should be legally protected on the basis of it being a property:

“Bitcoin has the nature of a property, which can be owned and controlled by parties, and is able to provide economic values and benefits.”

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