Newsflash: Johnny Depp looking to plunder crypto riches alongside TaTaTu while Genesis Vision managers will soon be able to trade on Huobi Global

As the day draws to a close, we decided to recollect the stories that peaked our interest the most today and present them to you, our dear reader. Coinbase dominated the headlines with important new launches and licences, while some celebrities and an investment platform snuck in between. Check out these stories below:

  • Johnny Depp looking to plunder crypto riches alongside TaTaTu

Hollywood actor Johnny Depp will be joining forces with the TaTaTu cryptocurrency-focused social entertainment platform in an effort to develop and produce films and other digital content together.

TaTaTu was founded by Andrea Iervolino, creator and leader of AMBI group, a company that is currently producing another Depp’s motion picture titled Waiting for the Barbarians. The mentioned drama will star Depp, Mark Rylance and Robert Pattinson, and TaTaTu is also expected to be involved in the production.

 “In this era of democratized entertainment, I admire the imaginative ethos of Andrea and look forward to collaborating together in a liberating, progressive manner that will befit the principals of our respective entities,” commented Mr. Depp on the partnership.

TaTaTu has been working hard on becoming an important player in the film/TV content creation space ever since its launch earlier this year.

A Lamborghini biopic, an original documentary on Jeremy Renner’s involvement in the animated family film Arctic Justice: Thunder Squad, a Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino film titled The Sound of Freedom and a documentary on filmmaker William Friedkin titled Friedkin Uncut have been on TaTaTu books so far.

  • Elon Musk tweets about cryptocurrency, Twitter locks his account

In one of those lighthearted stories of the day, Elon Musk once again confirmed his status as one of the most interesting ambassadors of cryptocurrency out there.

The controversial Tesla CEO peaked the Twitter-sphere’s attention by tweeting this:

After a Twitter user asked him about 2 factor authentication for Tesla accounts, Musk responded by saying the following:

While Musk has had a history of eccentric social media posts and behaviors in the past, seeing him express love for anime and Bitcoin was apparently too much for Twitter as they decided to lock away his account in fear of it being hacked. Musk cleared up the confusion soon enough and was back to posting in no-time.

  • Genesis Vision managers will soon be able to trade on Huobi Global

Genesis Vision, the blockchain/smart contract based, private trust management platform confirmed today that its managers will soon be given an option to trade on Huobi Global.

Praising the exchange as one of the best on the market from the charts, tools, statistics and user interface standpoint, as well as for its ability to offer margin trading capabilities, Genesis Vision plans to integrate Huobi with Genesis Markets and thus let the Genesis Managers to change the market they want to trade on.

While some community members don’t like Huobi for some of their behind-the-scenes dealings, others might feel that their features (like maker and taker fees currently being set at 0.2 percent for almost all trading pairs) are worthy of switching their funds to the exchange.

Genesis Markets is expected to go live on October 31st.

  • Coinbase launches a stablecoin

Coinbase delivered two biggest scoops of the day. The first one included Coinbase launching support for the USDC stablecoin, letting Coinbase customers in supported jurisdictions can buy, sell, send, and receive USDC at  and in exchanges’ mobile apps.

US customers outside of the New York state can buy and sell, while customers around the world can send and receive the token. More areas will become available in the future, announced Coinbase.

Each USDC is 100% collateralized by a corresponding USD held in bank accounts. The underlying technology behind the USDC was developed in collaboration with Circle, Coinbase’s partner and co-founder on the new CENTRE Consortium project.

USDC will be coming to Coinbase Pro in the coming weeks, and is already supported on Coinbase Wallet, a user-controlled wallet where people can store ERC20 tokens.

  • Coinbase Custody obtains a license to operate as a qualified custodian

The second scoop had something to do with Coinbase Custody, an institutional-grade service designed to store large amounts of cryptocurrency in a secure way.

The platform has obtained the license under New York State Banking Law which lets it operate as an independent Qualified Custodian, announced the exchange today.

This regulatory confirmation will have a huge impact for Coinbase Custody, as it gives the platform legitimacy and ability to add new cryptocurrencies and features like staking.

Coinbase Custody Trust Company will operate as a standalone, independently-capitalized business to Coinbase Inc. and will be classified as Limited Purpose Trust Company chartered by the New York Department of Financial Services

The platform will be held to the same compliance, security and capital requirements as traditional fiduciary custodial businesses like the DTC.

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