New Shiba Inu Killer’s ICO Presale To Make Crypto Traders Millions If Token Reaches $0.00001

The memecoin boom of 2023 has ignited a search for profitable options among investors looking to diversify their portfolios with volatile yet potentially highly lucrative tokens. 

In this race for the season’s “x100Gem,” where gains of thousands of percent are not uncommon, a new token about to launch on the Ethereum blockchain has captured the attention of investors, offering the potential for significant returns.

Golden Inu Emerges as Shiba Inu Killer

In the competitive memecoin landscape, Golden Inu has quickly gained traction with its remarkable performance.  It even beat the top memecoin Shiba Inu, out-performing the $SHIB token’s rate of crypto product production and actual token value [by far].

Golden Inu, the official Shiba Inu Killer, ICO Presale Could Make Multiple Crypto Millionaires

This “Shiba Inu Killer” and its first ICO, for its Binance-Chain [BEP-20] $Golden Token, proved to be highly profitable back in February and again in June, as mentioned on CryptoPotato.   In both runs the BNB Chain version of $GOLDEN coin experienced a surge of ~700%. The high yields solidify Golden Inu’s position as one of the most profitable memecoins of 2 months and the year 2023 as a whole. 

Now Golden Inu is quickly approaching the end of its second $GOLDEN  token version’s presale.   This coin will complete the dual-blockchain crypto ecosystem’s token needs, giving Ethereum-Blockchain users access to $GOLDEN dependent crypto dAPPS and crypto products.  After the ICO presale ends, the sibling token will  launch on the Ethereum blockchain via Uniswap.     

The move to launch a second token will help Golden Inu expand its reach significantly. This has captured the interest of investors seeking substantial gains — and most analysts agree their leap of faith will pay off, big time.

Golden Inu’s Multi-Chain Approach and Utility Projects

Going multi-chain is a strategic move for Golden Inu and the brand is the first major memecoin to do it.  This will pave the way for a host of upcoming projects and software that will provide utility and longevity to the $GOLDEN tokens. 

The introduction of the DeFi Play-to-Earn game “Golden Inuverse” presents an exciting opportunity for users to earn rewards while immersing themselves in an engaging gaming experience. 

Additionally, Golden Inu is on the verge of launching a unique decentralized exchange, set to position itself as the most “Useful” memecoin in the market by facilitating seamless token swaps across multiple blockchains.

What if the Presale Token Reaches $0.00001?

The potential for growth after the asset is listed on the most popular listing platform, Uniswap, could result in tremendous gains for early investors. 

In fact, if the currency reaches a small fraction of a dollar, an investment as simple as a hundred bucks could make a handful of millionaires.

Here is the math:

  • Invested Amount: $100
  • Current value of 1 $Golden: $0.00000000001866
  • Potential target price: $0.00001
  • Number of $Golden tokens acquired: $100 / $0.00000000001866 = 5,359,056,806,299,700 $Golden tokens
  • Potential value at the target price: 5,359,056,806,299,700 $Golden tokens * $0.00001 = $53,590.568,062,997.00

Without a doubt, it’s not everyday that such an opportunity comes knocking at the door of crypto traders.   Golden Inu’s growth strategy with the potential for significant returns make it appear to be one of the best investment choices of 2023’s second half. 

Those looking to join should rush to Golden Inu’s presale page

As of today, 99% of the second round’s available tokens for the new ICO presale have been purchased already.  Only 1% is left for investors to buy, before the third round of the Initial Coin Offering begins.  

The 3rd round of investors will get 5% less yields on Uniswap listing day in comparison to the ‘early birds’ who purchase in the 2nd round.    Twenty percent versus fifteen percent, that is a large amount in terms of investor ROI.    Per $100 invested, second round investors will get $20 yields whereas third rounders will only get $15.  

Still both are better than those who fail to purchase the Shiba Inu Killer during its Initial Coin Offering stage.

Golden Inu’s ERC-20 version of the $GOLDEN token is scheduled to launch on Uniswap  between July 12th and 15th, days after the ICO closes.

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