New Bitcoin Alternative, Mollars, Close To 1-Million ICO Presale Tokens Sold

New Bitcoin Alternative, Mollars, is close to 1-Million ICO presale tokens sold. According to the official website, crypto investors have purchased 670,040 tokens of the new ERC-20 cryptocurrency  to date.  

Less than 1 week ago, January 6th, CaptainAltCoin reported the sale was at 111,000 tokens sold.  The new numbers show an increase of 559,040 $Mollars sold.  The 6 day growth is an average of 93,173 tokens sold per day.

The crypto market and ICO sales typically cool off towards the end of the week, Thursday through Saturday.  However, this new Bitcoin Alternative for Ethereum-Blockchain users, only saw 1 day since that CAC report where buy transactions cooled down.  It’s been red-hot all other days.

Prediction: 1-Million Mollars Tokens Sold By Thursday

Based on the aforementioned historical data of crypto investors buying, it’s likely Mollars initial coin offering will reach 1-million tokens sold in less than 4 days.  By Thursday,  January 18th the milestone should be met.

Once this new ERC-20 token’s ICO reaches 1,000,000, it will be close to closing out its 3rd round phase of the offering.   At 1.2-million the initial coin offering’s 4th phase will begin and investors will have to pay 5-cents more per token or US$0.50.

Only 4-Million tokens are available during this ICO presale.   A limited and deflationary, store-of-value cryptocurrency, only 10 million Mollars tokens will be minted ever.  

Why This Bitcoin Alternative Will Maintain A Healthy Demand

Once all of the whole tokens are sold, if a healthy demand for the token is maintained, prices of these ICO coins will skyrocket.  Designed to rival Bitcoin but existing on the Ethereum-Blockchain, the Mollars coin offers crypto traders a lower trading fee for buy & sell transactions.    

$MOLLARS saves dollars, and that is why there will likely be a healthy demand for the cryptocurrency as there’s over 245-million crypto wallets on the Ethereum-Blockchain.   All of these users that wish to have a Bitcoin or a store-of-value coin, no longer have to go ‘cross-chain’ for the solution which will cost considerably more.   Especially the $BTC, which has the worst blockchain transaction fees of all currently.

Crypto Traders Beyond Ethereum-Blockchain’s Users Will Buy $MOLLARS 

Alongside Ethereum-blockchain users, crypto investors in general will likely flock to the Mollars token as it seems more demand seeking high ROI yields.   The deflationary token’s value could take on a trajectory similar to Bitcoin from its 2011 stage.    The $BTC is the oldest cryptocurrency of all and since its iCO stage has returned yields of +20,000,000% to its early investors.

With Mollars being on the Ethereum network, the most-used blockchain by far, and having less than half the total token supply of Bitcoin,  ROI yields could even potentially surpass those from the $BTC.   The cryptocurrency’s whitepaper mentions a web3 product & professional marketing as part of the long-term strategy to build the demand and branding value.    These are two keys that could act as catalysts to and cut the time it takes for hyper-parabolic token value increases of $MOLLARS.

Crypto Sharks & Whales Are Investing

Studies have been done of both transaction addresses (ETH, USDT) of the initial coin offering to reveal a diverse group of traders are interested in the new token and investor opportunities.   

The Mollars ICO is now seeing investments from digital wallets that are qualified as ‘Whales and sharks’ of the cryptocurrency trading hierarchy.  Many of them are making multiple purchases, possibly a DCA strategy. Both groups are considered ‘smart money’ of the crypto world. This is a huge positive signal for all investing.  These ‘big boy’ traders are usually the most educated on the market and have done the most thorough studies on cryptocurrencies before injecting sums of money that can range into the double-digit thousands.

How Much Profit Did Bitcoin Yield Its 2011 ICO Investors? Mollars Presale Investors May See Half Those Yields

Two large single purchases on record include one Ethereum Shark buying ~US$18,000 $Mollars in one transaction.  Another was from a Tether (USDT) shark who purchased ~US$23,000.   Both of the staggering trades show major confidence in $MOLLARS, from ‘well endowed’ crypto investors, who believe the Bitcoin-alternative will have a great ROI yield.  

Some analysts have predicted  up to a +10M% return on investment for ICO investors.  That’s lf of what Bitcoin yielded its 2011 ICO investors.  However, it may happen faster for Mollars as the token is establishing itself in a world that’s very much aware of cryptocurrency.   When Bitcoin launched in 2011, no one knew what a ‘digital currency’ was and most feared losing their money. 

Today, there’s been lots of examples of multi-millionaires being born from taking the risk and investing into an ICO.  Shiba Inu (SHIB), Dogecoin (DOGE), Chainlink (LINK), Ripple (XRP), Stellar Lumens (XLM), and Litecoin (LTC) are just a few cryptocurrencies that had Initial Coin Offerings to spawn new millionaires from small investments.

Ethereum ETF Approval Deadline May 2024 & Effects On Mollars

Also, the US SEC is nearing a May 2024 deadline to approve Ethereum as a spot Exchange Traded-Fund [ETF].    If passed, just as Bitcoin just was, such a major positive headline would likely have positive trickle-down effects to a store-of-value token on its same blockchain — Mollars.

Until then however, Mollars will be in a presale stage that offers investors a chance to own the future SOV token of the Ethereum-blockchain’s ecosystem.  Many are buying, especially smart money, who rather take the risk of investing than feel the ‘burn’ of knowing they ignored the next big crypto moon shot.   

Is Mollars is a Scam?

Mollars is rated as a trusted Initial Coin Offering by  The media group, which focuses on verifying token presales, gives it a ‘trusted’ score which indicates it’s unlikely to be a rugpull or scam.

Once 1-million tokens are sold of Mollars, that will complete 25% of the total token supply being offered  at discount prices.  After the 4-million presale tokens are sold, future buyers of the cryptocurrency will have to pay nearly +30% more to own the token, on its crypto exchange listing day .   

Expect Mollars Token Value To Reach $10 Fast

After the initial listing,  depending on how high buying activity is, the price of $MOLLARS could be much more.   True demand will be revealed. It’s easy to imagine a token that offers a solution to Bitcoin trading fees for 250-million users, will have a monstrously high spike in prices.   A price of $10 should easily be reached with the aid of the WEB3 product and marketing promised by the whitepapers, when using historical data of growth from Mollars rival store-of-value token — the Bitcoin.

Visit to purchase presale tokens, as in this initial coin offering stage, it’s the only place traders can buy $MOLLARS.    The ICO page is accepting Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), and Credit Card payments from buyers.

The Mollars tokens purchased by investors, as all initial coin offerings, will be sent to wallets upon its launching on the first crypto exchange.

Disclaimer: We advise readers to do their own research before interacting with any featured companies. The information provided is not financial or legal advice. Neither CaptainAltcoin nor any third party recommends buying or selling any financial products. Investing in cryptoassets is high-risk; consider the potential for loss. CaptainAltcoin is not liable for any damages or losses from using or relying on this content.

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