New Bitcoin Rival, A Store-Of-Value Token on Ethereum’s Blockchain, Tops 111000 ICO Presale Tokens Sold

The new Bitcoin (BTC) rival, a store-of-value token for the Ethereum Blockchain, is making headlines for its solutionary build.    Both $ETH coin and $USDT stablecoin Investors have purchased thousands of dollars worth of the decentralized ERC-20 token, which is still in the infant stages of its debut.  These investor signals have made it clear of one thing though, Ethereum traders like the idea “Mollars ($MOLLARS) saves Dollars,” as the new cryptocurrency surpasses 111,000 tokens sold from it’s ICO supply.

Why Would Ethereum-Blockchain Users Adopt Mollars Tokens Over Bitcoins?

BTC coin swapping fees are at an all-time high.  The average fee of a Bitcoin-blockchain [BTCBC] trade in 2023 was an astounding $39.  For crypto whales moving $BTC, the fees were atrocious, sometimes reaching into the thousands of dollars.

Other blockchain users making swaps for Bitcoins have longed for changes to avoid these drastic losses.  This is especially true for Ethereum-blockchain users, who know the ERC-20 network and native chain is superior to BTCBC and cheaper.

Those wishing the high BTC swapping fees end are about to see their dream materialize.    The initial coin offering [ICO] for a new store-of-value [SOV] token on the Ethereum-blockchain exclusively, is now live.  It’s alive and thriving.   Over 111,000 tokens have been purchased by investors who see the token’s solutionary design as useful and probable to gain Ethereum-blockchain cryptocurrency users’ trust and spread of adoption. 

Investors Bought Over  50% of Initial Coin Offering’s Stage 1 Token Supply 

The 111,000 Mollars presale tokens sold is over 50% of the first round ICO tokens available. After 200,000 have been sold, the initial coin offering for the Bitcoin rival will rise from the current 30-cent rate to US$0.40 [cents].  Some analysts suggest it will be critical for investors seeking max ROI yields from $MOLLARS ICO investments to purchase tokens before the 2nd round’s end.

That max ROI some investors are seeking is a massive +9,500,000% value increase from today’s 30-cents price.    In a ‘wildcard prediction,’ a Bitcoinist analyst suggests if Mollars were to follow the same trajectory of Bitcoin and sell out its total max supply, its ICO tokens could give investors half of what the 2011 $BTC presale investors gained.  

An incredible gain for any token holder, the 95000x flip in Mollar’s token value would not come overnight.  The analyst makes it clear that buyers of ICO tokens would have to save tokens for at least 10 years, just as smart money investors did with their Initial-Coin-Offering-bought Bitcoins.

Short-term investors will still ‘get the bag,’ according to other analysts.   At minimum, a stellar 10,000% ROI yield is expected within months of Mollars launch on public crypto exchanges after it sells out of the 10-million-coins [max supply] minted.   

For investors being lazy and watching, just as people did with Bitcoin in 2011,  the Mollars opportunity could expire in weeks.  With thousands of dollars of tokens being purchased daily during the Initial Coin Offering and sales compounding, the deadline of the token presale is expected to be superseded by the hardcap limit.  The 4-million $MOLLARS available at discount will be acquired by investors long before May 2024, all analysts [found] thus far agree.

Crypto Investors Going Into a Buying Frenzy! Shrimps, Crabs, Octopuses, and Fish

The average Tether (USDT) crypto investor was buying $300 worth of $MOLLARS per purchase, just last week.  In the last 5 days, the average $USDT investor has purchased US$1,176 worth of $Mollars tokens.  

If the trend continues, by next week, the average USDT buyer could grow past $2000 per presale purchase.

From the Ethereum blockchain itself,  the sheer number of $ETH buys has exploded as well.  Starting the New Year 2024, January 1st through 6th, there were a total of 34 buys from Ethereum traders.  These are solid numbers through the holiday break for a new initial coin offering.  

However, since CoinMarketCap published a syndicated report Sunday predicting 9500x ROI yields, Mollars ICO token presales skyrocketed.  In the last 24 hours alone there’s been 42 $MOLLARS buyers reported by the presale transaction address [here].  

In layman’s terms, it’s possible that the Mollars token ICO sales for the entire first week of 2024 could become the daily norm, going into the second week. 

An apparent feeding frenzy, there’s already an abundant amount of  Crypto shrimp, crab, and octopuses buying into the ICO for the new Bitcoin rival.  However, with the uptrending number of buyers from different parts of the hierarchy, there’s now sightings of crypto Fish and Dolphin investors in small numbers. If more buzz is generated, analysts can soon expect to see Cryptocurrency sharks and whales, which could create a meteoric rise in presales to end the presale before February 2024’s end — a likely crypto moon shot.

See the latest number of token presales from mollars or purchase tokens via, the official website.   

 Join the Mollars subreddit community to participate in public discussion on the new rival for Bitcoin.

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Rene Peters

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