Missed $BONK, $PEPE, and $BITCOIN in 2023? Here’s Your Chance For Redemption With the First 100x Meme Coin In 2024

The price explosions of $BONK, $PEPE, and $BITCOIN changed the lives of many meme coin hunters in 2023.

Unfortunately, many were late to the party and didn’t make the life-changing games they expected after missing out or joining the surge too late.

If that sounds like you, here’s your chance for redemption as a successful meme coin sets the foundation to deliver another 100x surge in 2024 with its V2 upgrade.

Spongebob Token ($SPONGE) already produced a 100x ride in 2023 and is now back to deliver a similar return in 2024.

The project has attracted a whopping $3.7 million in staked assets in under three weeks, demonstrating the building momentum behind this upgrade.

$BONK, $PEPE, and $BITCOIN See Incredible Surges In 2023

2023 was most certainly a successful year for meme coin hunters, with stand-out projects like $BONK, $PEPE, and $BITCOIN hitting mainstream headlines during the year.

If you managed to get on this hype train early enough, your portfolio would have been in an entirely different situation than the majority of meme coin hunters who were too late to the party.

The first explosion in the year came from the legendary $PEPE meme coin, which surged by an enormous 2,000% in May 2023. $PEPE would go on to surge to a market cap high of $1.5 billion after being added to top-tier exchanges, including the likes of Binance.

HappyPotterObamaSonic10Inu ($BITCOIN) was the next meme coin to explode in the year, surging by an enormous 2,600% from July through August. $BITCOIN reached a market cap high of $200 million and was the number-one searched meme coin during the period.

Finally, $BONK would come and put these two previous meme coins in its shadow after exploding by a gigantic 6,200% in December 2023 – ending the year on a bullish note for meme coin hunters.

Missed Out? This Meme Coin Can Change That in 2024

Although these projects produced a wealth of excitement and made some traders very rich, the majority unfortunately missed out on the substantial portion of the gains.

Well, the good news is that there are about to be more similar surges in 2024, and one project is currently turning heads as it gears up to deliver the first 100x return in 2024 within the meme coin sector.

$SPONGE is quickly gaining hype again as investors position themselves in its stake-to-bridge utility to receive its V2 upgrade this month.

The team behind $SPONGE is back to deliver another 100x, and investors behind the project are backing it with their funds.

$SPONGE Attracts $3.7 Million In Staked Assets In Just Three Weeks

$SPONGE has attracted over $3.7 million in staked assets in just three weeks as investors pile into its stake-to-bridge utility to receive its V2 upgraded token.

$SPONGE V2 is the next incarnation of the legendary Spongebob Token, which delivered an outstanding 100x return for early adopters in 2023.

The project was one of 2023’s biggest success stories after launching alongside $PEPE in the bear market of May 2023 to surge by over 100x as it climbed from a market cap of $1 million to reach as high as $100 million.

The hype behind the token allowed it to amass a following of over 30,000 people in just a few weeks, causing top-tier exchanges like Gate.io and MEXC to scramble and get it listed.

Now, $SPONGE is back and bigger and better than ever as it gets ready to absorb the damp again.

The upgrade isn’t occurring through a traditional presale. Instead, the only way to get ahold of $SPONGE V2 is through its stake-to-bridge utility.

If you own $SPONGE, you can deposit your V1 tokens into the V2 smart contract to earn an equivalent amount of V2 when it launches.

Alternatively, if you don’t earn $SPONGE, you can purchase it from the project’s website and have it staked automatically.

All V1 $SPONGE funds sent to the V2 contract will be automatically locked following the upgrade to facilitate the transition to V2 $SPONGE.

The team has already proven itself successful in 2023 by reaching a $100 million market cap, and investors believe they can produce similar results with the V2 upgrade.

They will also introduce a play-to-earn ecosystem to bring addiction and excitement to the project.

Overall, $SPONGE is the perfect opportunity for redemption in 2024 if you happened to miss the gains from $PEPE, $BITCOIN, or $BONK in 2023.

Buy and Stake $SPONGE

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