Missed Bluzelle’s 125% Pump Over the Week? These Altcoins are Next in Line

After months of lackluster performance, Bluzelle grabbed headlines again this week with a 125% pump. The quick surge hints at a whale action.

Can the upcoming product update prolong the pump?

According to on-chain data, whale trading activity around BLZ spiked over the last few days, leading to a quick jump in the price. But the price action is mellowing down, with many long-term investors cashing out to take profits. 

Bluzelle is a decentralized storage network that offers a database for software developers and creators to store information. 

BLZ price action, 15 Aug 2023, CoinMarketCap 

While the team has plans to sustain the uptrend by launching a key product update, it is unlikely to translate into significant returns for investors who buy in now. BLZ has lost 23.55% value over the last 24 hours (at the time of writing). 

XRP20 is next in line for an explosive launch

XRP20 is a new cryptocurrency that capitalizes on the XRP FOMO. 

The ERC-20 token is dedicated to everyone who didn’t get a chance to buy XRP when it had a low market cap. Now that XRP has ballooned up to $33.1B, there is no point in buying it in the hope of making multifold returns. 

XRP20 offers an outlet for XRP investors to channel their energy. The stake-to-earn cryptocurrency is designed to be a better investment than XRP in many aspects. 

To begin with, its target audience includes retail investors. The XRP presale was mostly confined to institutional investors, leaving retail investors out of the equation. The case is the same when it comes to utility too. Even today, most of the products from Ripple Labs target institutions and enterprises rather than the masses.

XRP20 is a cryptocurrency dedicated to the masses with a strong retail stake-to-earn use case. It allows users to lock their tokens in exchange for staking rewards and grow their investment over time, regardless of the ups and downs in the market.  

XRP vs. XRP20 in numbers

At the time of writing, XRP was selling for $0.6289. It has been hovering under $0.6 for the most part of the year. By the looks of it, it won’t be long before the token finds support just above $0.45. 

That’s not to say XRP will follow a downtrend throughout the year. As the broader market looks up, it can climb to $1.2. But that’s the best-case scenario as of now. 

To give you a better picture, $1.2 translates to less than 100% ROI for investors who buy the dip. 

XRP20, on the other hand, has yet to go live and thus has a larger room for growth. It is predicted to climb anywhere from 800%-1200% over the fortnight that follows its launch. The low presale hard cap, and the low initial market cap, in turn, leave a lot of bottled-up capital. 

FOMO will be the primary catalyst of the token launch. 

What about the long-term ROI?

XRP20 doesn’t plan on being a token that solely relies on FOMO and hype.  

The long-term potential ROI also looks good, at around 2500% toward the end of the year. 

It’s true that XRP20 makes use of the XRP label. But it has a solid footing that gives it long-term relevance in the market. 

For example, the stake-to-earn utility limits the circulating supply of the token in the market, thus pumping its value. A burn mechanism accompanies it, involving a 0.1% fee on each buying and selling transaction, further ensuring the unhindered growth of XRP20.

Presale is nearly sold out

XRP20 has raised $3,117,368 out of its targeted hard cap of $3,680,000 at the time of writing. If the token hasn’t sold out by the time you are reading this, you can secure it at a low entry point of $0.000092. 

Once XRP20 goes live on crypto exchanges, the price will have gone up multifold. 


WSM can fuel a bigger explosion than BLZ & XRP20

XRP20 is the next crypto to kindle an explosive price action, with its presale nearing an end. But Wall Street Memes (WSM) launch will fuel a bigger pump. 

The WSM presale has raised $24M out of its targeted $30M hard cap. That is a remarkably larger target than XRP20’s $3.68M. But to the surprise of followers and critics alike, the project is near its goal within days of launching the presale. 

Wall Street Memes need little introduction. It is the latest meme coin sensation, predicted to outstrip Pepe’s 7000%+ pump. 

The meme coin’s theme is unlike anything the market has seen so far. But that’s only one of the things that make it a strong candidate in the meme coin race. The token is an extension of the Wall Street Memes community, which has 1M+ followers from around the world that include investors, traders, and business leaders mostly. 

While retail investors pumped the presale in the first phase, whales are sending the presale to an early sell-out now. For example, an investor acquired WSM tokens worth 460 ETH a few days back, hinting at its large growth potential.

Wall Street Memes community’s strong foothold sets apart the project in the crowded meme coin market. Although WSM comes with “no utility or purpose”, it excels in its niche. WSM has the potential to smash existing meme coin records and trigger a bull run that outpaces the success of Pepe this year. 

If the meme coin mania of 2023 began with Pepe in the first half, WSM has been ruling the market since May. 

It remains to be seen whether WSM outperforms XRP20 in the long term. If the presale is any sign, the meme coin is a clear winner as the best short-term cryptocurrency to buy now. After an initial 8000-10,000% pump over the first two months that can potentially take it to the top-3 meme coin chart, the price action will begin to mellow down. 


LPX & YPRED excel as long-term investments 

If you’re looking for a long-term investment, you need to think beyond speculative value to utility. LPX (Launchpad XYZ) and YPRED (yPredict) are two of the best Web3 projects to enter the market this year.

Launchpad XYZ, as the name implies, can be best described as a launchpad that helps users enter the crypto market armed with data and insights. yPredict, on the other hand, is dedicated to traders. The platform offers curated price predictive models developed by AI experts, financial analysts, and quants. 

Key highlights of Launchpad XYZ

  • An easy-to-use community-driven Web3 hub.
  • A wide range of features to identify and boost profit potential in crypto trading to NFT assets, play-to-earn games, and metaverse experiences. 
  • Make informed decisions in your next trade with sentiment, news and market insights, as well as top trade setups from experienced traders.
  • LPQ is an advanced ranking system for digital assets that uses over 400 data points to give insights into the most promising opportunities in the market. 
  • A bespoke A.I language model called Apollo. 


Key highlights of yPredict 

  • AI Signals – Real-time trading signals from cutting-edge predictive models by top 1% AI experts.
  • Backlink estimator – accurately predict backlink count, and authority metrics, and make data-driven decisions.
  • yPredict editor – Affordable AI-powered content solution that streamlines workflow with an intelligent editor, NLP-driven keyword suggestions, and comprehensive scoring.
  • yPredict Analytics – automatically selects the best indicators based on past performance, saving time and ensuring optimal trading strategies.
  • Real-time sentiment analysis on all popular crypto coins.


The market relevance of projects like Launchpad XYZ and yPredict lies in the fact that the crypto market is becoming an increasingly complex place to navigate. We need more than just AI and bots to navigate Web3. In fact, bots have added to the complexity and unpredictability of the market. 

With reliable data and advanced tools, yPredict and Launchpad XYZ make it possible for investors to make intelligent decisions in the market. Given that the Web3 market is growing with more and more traditional investors showing interest, both these projects have large growth potential. What we have mentioned above barely scratches the surface of the ecosystems in the making. 

If the projects unfold as laid out in the white papers, yPredict and Launchpad XYZ have the potential to host millions of users next year.

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