Meme Coin Riches: Expert Trader Shares How To Score 100-1000x Wins

Expert trader Guru shared his top memecoin strategies in an extensive Twitter thread. The thread reveals Guru’s tactics to buy dips, play launches, use market caps, and size trades. Guru claims these methods have led to massive 100-1000x gains. For those seeking memecoin riches, this thread provides critical insights from Guru on trading memecoins profitably. Follow Guru’s guidelines within to score big wins.

Key Strategies from the Guide:

1. Buying Dips Strategy:

  • 40% Strategy: Guru suggests buying dips at 40% for coins with high volume and constant ATH retests, especially when the coin begins to go parabolic.
  • 60% Strategy: This strategy involves buying the first 60% pullback, aligning with the .618 Fib retrace and the Golden Pocket (.618-.65). It’s considered to have the highest strike rate when it has confluence with the previous ATH.
  • 80-90% Strategy: This is a higher-risk strategy focusing on buying when the token is deemed “dead,” and price gravitates towards the first demand area formed after launch.

2. Playing Launches:

  • Presale Launch: Guru advises against buying the first candle unless sniping and recommends waiting until it forms a range below the listing price.
  • Fair Launch: This strategy focuses on fresh narrative and volume, buying the first 60% pullback after the trendline breaks.

3. Marketcap as Support/Resistance Levels:

  • Guru identifies several market cap resistance levels, such as 100k, 250-300k, 850-1m, 2.2-3m, 7-12m, 25-30m, and 100-200m. Flipping each market cap is a good sign it will move to the next target.

4. Sizing Trades:

  • Sizing is dependent on the market cap range, with $50-$250 for 0-50k, $250-$500 for 50-150k, and so on. Sizing also comes down to the liquidity/market cap ratio.

5. Trading the Blowoff:

  • The blowoff usually occurs above 150-200m, with 100m then acting as support. If 100m holds, expect the blowoff high to be taken above.

6. Tax vs No Tax Tokens:

  • Memes with tax don’t go as high as those with no tax. For coins with a product and taxes, it’s acceptable as long as user metrics are healthy.

7. Type of Trader:

  • Guru suggests identifying whether one is a Sniper, Pullback trader, or Consolidation->Expansion trader and combining different strategies, research, and analysis methods for the best results.

8. Additional Insights:

  • Guru shared more threads focusing on finding coins early, a general writeup on memecoins, and a quick way to find a coin on a new chain, providing more in-depth insights and strategies.


Guru’s strategies are detailed and cover various aspects of memecoin trading, from buying dips to playing launches, sizing trades, and understanding market cap levels. By understanding and implementing these strategies, traders can aim to navigate the memecoin market more effectively.

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