Matrixport Foresees a $56K Bitcoin Santa Rally; InQubeta Presale Rockets Past $4.5M

There is a chance that Santa Claus might be extra generous to the crypto sector this year. According to crypto research firm Matirixport, Bitcoin could cross $56k by December 31, marking a Santa rally. 

But it’s not just Bitcoin that has analysts eager and excited about the future. They are equally optimistic about the prospects of InQubeta (QUBE) — a newly launched decentralized crowdfunding platform for startups working on artificial intelligence-based projects. 

The platform encapsulates the potential of both DeFi and AI to encourage the financial independence of crypto users. Its transparent model ensures that investors don’t feel short-changed and can access promising opportunities.

Analysts are excited about what the future holds for InQubeta, especially in the wake of its presale success. InQubeta’s cryptocurrency ico has so far raised more than $4.5 million.

InQubeta: A deflationary  cryptocurrency for AI startups

Rated as one of the best altcoins for 2023, the QUBE token is a key pillar of InQubeta’s governance structure. Being governed in a decentralized manner means that there is no central authority to take key decisions and all important decisions are taken after consulting all stakeholders. 

Community members have the freedom to pitch proposals of changes that they feel can amp up the platform’s appeal. The proposals are first discussed in depth by other community members and then have to undergo a voting process. In the voting process, token holders exercise their voting privileges to screen unnecessary changes. By using their voting rights, token holders can make decisions that are in the best interests of the platform.

The QUBE token can also be staked in exchange for crypto rewards where these assets add to the liquidity of the platform. The longer a token is staked, the higher the rewards. So it’s easy to build a passive source of income from QUBE. 

Before onboarding a startup, InQubeta asks them to submit a rewards-based offer. These offers entail details about the project and what investors can expect in exchange for funding a project. Next, these offers are tokenized and uploaded on InQubeta’s online marketplace where investors can view, evaluate, and buy them with their QUBE tokens. 

Another key factor that has helped InQubeta enjoy an edge over other new altcoins is fractionalisation which allows for the NFT to be divided into smaller assets. Hence, investors need not necessarily purchase the entire NFT but can buy according to their budgets. 

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ARK Invest founder Cathie Woods reaffirms faith in Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a top crypto to invest in and it has the distinction of being the first blockchain-powered asset to appear on the market. Today, the blockchain powers a wide array of decentralized platforms and cryptocurrencies. 

The world first heard about Bitcoin in a whitepaper authored by Satoshi Nakamoto and since then, the pioneering cryptocurrency has inspired many innovators. 

The peer-to-peer currency mandates that all transactions are conducted between equal entities without requiring an intermediary. The blockchain leverages the proof-of-work consensus protocol to keep its network safe and confirms all kinds of transactions. Its native token is represented by the symbol BTC. 

The supply of the BTC token is managed by software and cannot surpass 21,000,000 units. Any new coins can be created only via mining. 

Investment management firm ARK Invest’s founder Cathie Woods was recently in the news after she stated that Bitcoin could act as an edge against both inflationary as well as deflationary environments. According to Woods, Bitcoin enjoys an edge as it doesn’t have a counterparty to its decentralization and all transactions are visible to all stakeholders on the network. 


Bitcoin and InQubeta have emerged as all-rounder cryptocurrencies that can cater to the needs of varying user groups and guide them along the road to financial success. QUBE is a better bet as per many experts since it is currently in the presale stage and it is easy to accumulate huge volumes of this new token at low prices. 

In terms of security, code architecture, or utility, the two tokens represent an unmissable opportunity that can even give you the benefit of diversification. Buyers must always opt for a balanced portfolio consisting of presale cryptos along with older coins for maximum gains in the long term. Do your own research to find out more about these two coins and register king-sized gains in the future. 

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