Market Alert! Tether Prints $2 Billion — Major Pump Incoming? $GFOX Aiming for $5 Million in January

Hold onto your seats – things are getting exciting again. Last week witnessed a major on-chain market alert, with Tether ($USDT) printing $2 billion in a single day. Are new capital inflows signaling a major pump incoming?

While the stablecoin pushes new liquidity into the ecosystem, one presale, Galaxy Fox ($GFOX), has continued soaring. $GFOX is aiming for $5 million in January, and there seems to be no stopping this new P2E/ meme hybrid from rising. Is $GFOX the best cryptocurrency to buy now?

Tether ($USDT): Printer Goes Brrrrrrr

Tether has to be the largest net beneficiary of the bear market. Its total market cap has swollen in size, and it is the stablecoin used in emerging economies all over the world. Rising interest rates have led to record profitability, and reports from Whale Alert- a popular on-chain Twitter account- showed $2 billion $USDT was minted on January 4th.

$2 billion United States dollars were converted into $USDT. Think this will stay as stablecoin? Guess again. Capitalized players are getting involved, and large Tether mints always push prices up. Whenever there is a massive inflow of liquidity into any asset class, prices rise.

Investors should ask where all of this $USDT will be deployed and what the best cryptocurrencies to buy before this incoming pump are. Liquidity will likely flow first to majors, then to mid-cap altcoins, and finally, make its way to small caps. Knowing this is half the battle won already. 

Galaxy Fox ($GFOX) Next Stop $5 Million

Galaxy Fox’s presale might have received some of this $USDT given its explosive gains in recent weeks, already crossing $2.4 million. This protocol blends the best of memecoins and play-to-earn projects, creating a brand new standard for entertainment, earning, and upside potential in 2024. The next fundraising target is $5 million, and with Galaxy Fox’s current trajectory, it will breeze past this before the end of January.

Is it the best cryptocurrency to buy now? Analysts’ forecasts indicate yes, predicting a clean 100X for investors participating in the current stages before it launches on the open market. Larger macro trends support these targets with the growing revitalization of P2E projects and the increasing activity surrounding memecoins. Two powerful long-term growth catalysts fuelling Galaxy Fox’s journey.

The inner workings of this protocol include a Web3 runner game that gives players a chance to earn. Lucrative staking rewards. A token burn ensuring deflationary tokenomics. And buy and sell taxes, which orchestrate funding throughout the ecosystem to optimize growth.

Veering away from the classic inflationary token emissions to reward holders prevalent among the top ten cryptocurrencies. This novel implementation of using taxes to fund staking payouts is what allows Galaxy Fox to offer yield on a deflationary asset. A powerful economic mechanism that should support $GFOX’s price well into the future. 

Closing Thoughts: ETF Approval & Stablecoin Inflows 

Large stablecoin inflows and arguably the largest exogenous catalyst crypto has ever seen, the Spot ETF. It is time to be bullish, and risk-taking behavior is rewarded in risk-on markets. These types of conditions are perfect for small caps to start breaking out.

Joining Galaxy Fox’s presale today is a perfect way to get ahead of these liquidity flows. Dubbed the best cryptocurrency to buy now and forecast to 100X this year. This galactic journey is only starting! Participate in the presale today and grab $GFOX before it takes off.

Learn more about $GFOX here:

Visit Galaxy Fox Presale | Join the Community

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