Make Money While You Sleep With PrimeXBT Passive Investing

Legendary investor Warren Buffett famously said that “if you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” The key to this is passive investing –– a strategy that earns a rate of return in interest on any idle crypto holdings.

PrimeXBT is primarily known as an advanced platform for active traders. However, the award-winning margin trading platform also offers a variety of passive investing tools that let you generate passive income consistently, which when combined with active trading can be an incredible combination for capital growth.

Here is a better look at the award-winning trading platform’s passive investing lineup.

All About PrimeXBT Advanced Active Trading 

Before we dive into passive investing, let’s review what the platform is best known for: leveraged long and short margin trading on more than 100 different of today’s hottest and trending trading instruments all under one roof. In one place traders can access Bitcoin, gold, the S&P 500, oil, forex currencies and more.

The reliable platform offers 24/7 customer service and support via a dedicated account manager. There are no minimum deposits to fund an account using BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, or COV. PrimeXBT provides access to a free smartphone app for iOS and Android devices, letting users stay connected to markets and their positions no matter where they are.

The platform is packed with a plethora of education options for traders looking to hone their skills or learn new strategies. There are also weekly trading competitions available with no-risk virtual funds so users can backtest strategies, practice, or compete for a chance to win crypto prize rewards. Built-in technical analysis tools are also provided.

Don’t Sleep On These Passive Investing Options From PrimeXBT

With active trading out of the way, it is time to make the most out of your idle time with the many passive investing alternatives available on PrimeXBT. The most basic way to earn passive income is by sharing your unique PrimeXBT referral URL with friends, on social media, and elsewhere. Any users who register earn commissions for up to four levels of referral depth.

The rest of the passive investing experience takes place within the Covesting ecosystem of cryptocurrency-based products and services. Since we are focusing most on making money while we sleep, the first tool to call attention to is the Covesting yield account system. From within the PrimeXBT account dashboard, users can connect to popular DeFi protocols and earn a variable APY interest rate with daily payouts in crypto. Payouts are made directly to the staking balance for compounding returns. If you have idle crypto assets sitting there, put them to work for you. Covesting yield accounts even make HODLing more profitable.

The Covesting copy trading module also lets followers earn income passively by following any of the top-ranked strategy managers on the Covesting leaderboards. Followers use fully transparent performance metrics and a five-star rating system to figure out which traders to follow. There is some light activity required in terms of scoping out the competition and setting stop loss levels to prevent any large unwanted drawdowns, but the strategy managers do all the heavy lifting and most challenging leg work.

Make Money 24/7 With Powerful PrimeXBT Trading Tools

Skilled active traders who are able to combine passive investing with margin trading can achieve a winning combination unlike anything else. Using PrimeXBT you can buy crypto or fund a margin trading account, and then move profits to any of the various passive investing tools to make money while you sleep, and while you’re awake.

The most committed traders will want to also download the free PrimeXBT app to manage their portfolio and positions while on the go –– never leaving a moment or opportunity behind to make money. Powerful risk management tools and unique trading fee discounts for the most active traders also let you keep more of the profits you do make.

The COV token is the native cryptocurrency utility token to the Covesting ecosystem.

Activating COV token memberships allow users to maximize their earnings potential by receiving exclusive discounts on trading fees for strategy managers, improved profit shares for followers, no following entry fees, and up to a 2x APY boost within Covesting yield accounts. There are so many ways to increase your earnings!


With PrimeXBT, not only does making money while you sleep become possible, but 24/7 earnings are a reality with the power of the PrimeXBT trading app.

To access the most well-rounded solution in the crypto market and beyond, hit the official PrimeXBT website or download the app today.

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