Legendary Bitcoin Trader Issues Bleak Prediction For BTC, Time to Buy OM and RCOF?

Bitcoin (BTC) preceded most altcoins in a bullish trend at the start of the year, paving the way for this sector to follow toward new yearly highs. Now, the crypto giant is moving in a different direction. 

It’s now up to the rest of the crypto market to recover from the downtrend. Mantra (OM) and RCO Finance (RCOF) are already doing a great job, as the new DeFi trading project aims to launch among the top 20 cryptocurrencies soon.

Wondering why? We have details on the RCOF project here.

Bitcoin Could Be Stuck in Loss for Another Few Weeks

On Friday, the Mt. Gox disbursement to its creditors sparked a notably bearish trend on Bitcoin, and miners and investors sold off some of their BTC holdings. Since then, we’ve seen even more news of impending downtrends, as the German government released some of its Bitcoin stash to exchanges at different periods last week.

The Mt Gox creditors have started selling their BTC earnings, sending Bitcoin into further losses. The token went down 5.2% on Monday, and despite a slight recovery, there’s still a lot of bearish reversal left for Bitcoin. 

The weekend saw BTC recover almost $5,000, but analysts have tagged that as a ‘dead cat’ bounce, as they expect even more dips.

Mantra Gets Positive Recommendations

The OM token has traded at mediocre levels for over three years, or at least until the bull run at the start of 2024. Mantra has been on a bull run on high timeframes, as its last decent spikes were between October 2020 and March 2021.

The trend in 2024 was enough to send OM into another rising frenzy. The surge saw Mantra hit its ATH at $1.09 in June after an announcement of a partnership to promote real-asset tokenization on the network.

Mantra has corrected since, swinging between $0.60 and $0.80, with an 11% spike last week to record a weekly high of about $0.89. The times have been bearish, but OM has maintained its price at $0.7 while ranked 108th on CoinMarketCap.

Most analysts have presented favorable predictions for OM, but the RCOF token has the most potential for profits this summer.

RCO Finance Is Planning a Summer Rally

Many DeFi projects need help to offer profits and top-quality features at once. Often, they showcase their superior features while their investors make whatever they can from token staking. RCO Finance is striking the balance well enough, as you’ll see soon enough.

The Robo Advisor is RCO Finance’s top feature, the AI assistant on the trading platform. RCOF offers about 120,000 different trading assets, and before you choose which ones to add to your portfolio, you need some guidance. That’s where Robo Advisor comes in.

Its advanced programming and machine learning algorithms help Robo Advisor accurately predict each token’s market history. 

Whether you stake your tokens in liquidity pools or contribute to RCO Finance’s lending protocol, you will need the AI to make informed decisions about your preferred investments.

As expected from the average Ethereum project, RCO Finance has its smart contracts audited by SolidProof. The extra security from Ethereum’s blockchain boosts RCO Finance’s reliability and transparency.

Hop on the RCOF Presale Now!

RCOF is in Stage 1 of the presale for $0.0127 each. However, the token will only stay that way for a while as the price will spike to $0.0343 in the coming Stage 2 (169% ROI already). 

The presale revenue is nearing $1 million, which is needed to achieve a 3,000% ROI for early investors. Getting your RCOF tokens now guarantees $30,000 returns on a $1,000 investment by the end of the presale. 

With its potential, RCO Finance could be up for even more pumps post-launch, especially since the scheduled post-presale token burn event could create RCOF scarcity.

Further, the RCO Finance project gives users access to liquidity pools, allowing them to earn even more from staking and swapping assets. Investors are surely going to love this one.

For more information about the RCO Finance Presale: 

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