LandX (LNDX), Realio (RIO), and Soil (SOIL) and These 5 RWA Projects Below $100M Market Cap Could Spike Big Soon

The realm of real-world asset (RWA) tokenization has been capturing significant buzz lately, with some experts predicting this emerging sector could reach a staggering $16 trillion market by 2030. RWA projects involve converting physical and financial assets like real estate, natural resources, and intellectual property into digital tokens on the blockchain.

According to crypto influencer Andrew Moh (@0xAndrewMoh), the RWA narrative “is not arbitrary and will involve market giants in the next few months.” Moh tweeted about eight promising RWA projects all currently under $100 million market capitalization that he believes could see major upside.

One project highlighted is LandX Finance (LNDX), trading at $1.36 with a $7.8M market cap. LandX is a decentralized finance protocol connecting farmland owners and crypto investors via blockchain-based vaults, representing the first project fusing agriculture and blockchain technology.

Realio Network (RIO) at $2.12 and $13.9M market cap is an multi-chain ecosystem focused on issuing and managing real-world assets natively on-chain. With a strong community, Moh sees Realio becoming “a major player in the industry.”

Soil (SOIL) at $1.94 and $10.4M valuation is a lending platform bridging traditional finance and crypto by allowing investors to lend stablecoins to earn returns from off-chain real-world assets securitized on its platform.

Formerly known as Xend Finance, RWA (previously XEND) at $0.36 and $40.9M market cap bills itself as the “first universal framework and blockchain for worldwide assets tokenization.”

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TradeStrike (STRX) at $0.07 and $62M market cap TradeStrike is developing a blockchain-based trading ecosystem that will allow users to trade various asset classes like stocks, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and real estate tokenization. The native STRX token will facilitate all transactions within this ecosystem.

Boson Protocol is building a decentralized commerce (dCommerce) ecosystem powered by smart contracts. It aims to enable trustful commerce applications by removing intermediaries, reducing costs, and bridging the real world with the metaverse through tokenization of goods and services.

Galileo Protocol (LEOX) at $1.36 and $28.7M market cap Galileo Protocol is a luxury e-commerce marketplace specializing in tokenizing real-world assets (RWAs). Its platform allows brands, owners, and customers to explore, trade, and acquire non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that represent ownership of physical luxury assets.

Polytrade (TRADE) at $2.19 and $69.2M market cap Polytrade has ambitions to become an “OpenSea for RWAs” by synthesizing different types of tokenized real-world assets into a unified trading market. This would give investors access to trade a wide range of RWA asset classes on one platform.

The rise of RWA crypto projects has been catalyzed by traditional financial giants like BlackRock launching blockchain funds to capitalize on tokenized assets. Moh speculates that “jeeters” (potentially referring to naysayers) are going to be caught off-guard by this burgeoning trend.

Of course, investors should always do their own research. But this insight from Andrew Moh provides an interesting overview of some under-the-radar RWA plays being watched by insiders.

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