Kaspa (KAS) Poised for Major Breakout: Analyst Predicts $0.40 Target

In his latest video analysis, cryptocurrency expert Tommy Does Crypto has outlined a compelling case for Kaspa’s (KAS) next price movement. The analyst points to an 8-month fractal pattern that Kaspa has been following, suggesting that the cryptocurrency is currently in its final shakeout region before a major pump.

July Targeted as Sweet Spot for Peak

Based on the historical data from previous 8-month Kaspa cycles, Tommy Does Crypto identifies July as the most probable time frame for the next major peak. The analyst notes that in past cycles, the major peak has been occurring closer to the halfway point of each 8-month period.

Specifically, he targets the period from July 10th onward as a potential sweet spot for Kaspa’s next significant price movement.

Tommy Does Crypto predicts that Kaspa’s next major peak could see the cryptocurrency’s price surge north of $0.40. This prediction is based on the analyst’s interpretation of the 8-month fractal pattern and historical price movements.

The analyst notes that recent Bitcoin ETF outflows have created downward pressure on the entire market. However, he suggests that this pressure could be short-lived.

Furthermore, Tommy speculates that Ethereum ETF trading could begin as early as July 2nd, which could drive increased attention and investment into large-cap altcoins.

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Kaspa’s Technological Advancements and Growing Adoption

The video analysis also touches on several bullish factors specific to Kaspa:

  1. Hash Rate Growth: Kaspa’s hash rate recently hit 374 petahash per second.
  2. Scalability: Recent transactions demonstrate Kaspa’s notable speed and low fees.
  3. Rust Migration: The completion of Kaspa’s rust migration, expected soon, could pave the way for tier-one exchange listings and increased block speeds.
  4. KC20 Open Beta: The upcoming launch of KC20 tokens on Kaspa’s network, with 377 tokens ready to launch, signals growing ecosystem development.

Given the technical analysis and fundamental developments, Tommy Does Crypto suggests that holding onto Kaspa and even accumulating more at current prices could be a prudent strategy.

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