Justin Sun becomes the latest TRON (TRX) Super Representative

In an unexpected update for the project, TRON users and coin holders have voted in Justin Sun to be one of the networks super representatives. Super representatives are DPoS protocol block producers (master nodes) that are elected through a democratic on-chain voting process and TRON will have 27 of those.

Sun announced his candidacy on July 18th through his favorite means of communication with the public, Twitter:

“I am excited to run for #TRON Super Representative alongside excellent candidates, in the hands of our community. Voting is a crucial part of the #TRON ecosystem and embodies our mission of decentralization and democracy. Every vote counts! #TRX $TRX http://tronsr.org/index.php?p=/discussion/10017/justinsun-will-be-the-main-site-for-the-tron-super-representative-campaign/p1?new=1 …,” said the post he made this Wednesday. The ongoing election saw Justin surpass the required 100 million token votes in under two days, making him the fastest elected TRON super representative. The users of the 11th most valuable cryptocurrency in the world gave Sun a total of 120 million votes. The election continues as only 11 SR’s have been elected so far.

Sun thanked the community for electing him by posting a short response to the results of voting. He acknowledged that his election puts an even greater responsibility on his back. As a full-fledged member of the community (and not just a supporter/promoter of the project which he was up until now), Sun promised to “spare no effort in supporting the development of TRON network and community”.

While the community generally reacted well to his election, some were erring on the side of cautious. Kribnutz from Reddit wrote:

“People who are on the outside and maybe rethinking that TRX is not really a scam, will see this as a self-enrichment scheme for Justin. After all, those block rewards go to him and him alone. You think he doesn’t have 100 million TRX for himself to pretty much buy an SR spot? Admittedly all speculation but it doesn’t look good.

Sun for his part addressed these issues and confirmed that everything he earns will be returned to the community, without specifying details on how this will be done.

“The TRX that I will be receiving after being elected will all be returned to the community, in order to support outstanding developers, supporters, and individuals, teams or organizations that have been helpful to the TRON network and the community.”

He also confirmed that Tron Foundation funds remained frozen, meaning that none of the 33 billion TRX owned by the company were/will be used during the voting.

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