James Altucher Crypto Trader Review – Scam or Legit Service?

James Altucher is guy that is always selling something. During the internet boom, he was selling stock tips, then he was selling books about investing and now he moved to cryptocurrencies. So, should you consider James Altucher’s, the self proclaimed expert and crypto trader, tips and advice when it comes to crypto?

James Altucher is primarily a marketing guy. If you are a marketing expert, you are pretty much limited to be a crypto expert as well. So, short answer on should you trust this guy would be – probably not. Or anyone selling similar service for that matter.

There is rarely any worthwhile and actionable advice in these types of courses, newsletters, groups or whatever. It is usually basic information with lots of upsells – marketers usually bait you into subscribing to one service and once you see that that service offers nothing much, you get lured into buying the upsell that promises the actual “gems and getting rich guides”.

Once you buy into that and get to the “next level” – you experience the same, basic information with no substance and another bait for another upsell.

As one Redditor put it nicely:

RECYCLED JUNK !!! He’s peddling recycled information from a year ago. I purchased in early Feb 2018 and was hopeful his offer was real. When I noticed his audio was dubbed and he mentioned bitcoin was at an ALL TIME HIGH at 10k, I knew I was hosed… After participating in his vague webinars, reading all of his useless newsletters in which he talks more about himself and all the coins that shot up in the pas; I noticed each newsletter finished the same, he would reveal his “secret to xx” in his next newsletter. On the webinars, same rehashed JUNK.. More drivel about himself. Look, here’s the deal.. Bitcoin and alternative coins had their bubble. If your looking to make it rich off this guy’s knowledge; save your money. The vast vast majority of those who got wealthy did so by getting in when no body would even considered this currency real and then rode the hyper-inflated meteoric rise for doing nothing. That really doesn’t make anyone a skilled cryptocurrency trader, just lucky.. I’ve not received a response from him for my refund of $250 either.. Good luck to all in this currency sector and do your home work. Everything Altucher is selling can easily be acquired by attending conferences and just looking online, seriously !! Where do think he get’s his info ..?

And another Redditor strikes a similar note in his comment:

I’ve been following James’s podcast and blog for many years and always loved his content but I agree with this post 100%. His crypto news is a TOTAL waste of time if not a borderline scam. I’ve spent several weeks following his updates and it’s 99.9% fluff and stories about the past and future with no actionable advice like he promises. This is unfortunate as it takes a ton of credibility away from his name. I’ll still be listening to his podcast as he has good guests, but likely will never trust any services he’s selling again.

If you buy the service and want to cancel it – guess what? That is not too easy as, per the barely visible refund policy (blue text on blue background), you have to sell an actual, physical mail. Even if you did that, your mail would be “probably lost” somewhere along the way and refund time would have been expired.

So, in conclusion:

James Altucher is a good writer, marketer and podcast host but his crypto service is not good and you should avoid it.


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Sarah Wurfel
Sarah Wurfel

Sarah Wurfel works as a social media editor for CaptainAltcoin and specializes in the production of videos and video reports. She studied media and communication informatics. Sarah has been a big fan of the revolutionary potential of crypto currencies for years and accordingly also concentrated on the areas of IT security and cryptography in her studies.

  1. I unfortunately paid for a year of the scam useless ‘service’. This is not a legit service at all.

    Most issues literally deliver absolutely no information at all. They just say they are waiting for good opportunities… been that way since it started months ago.

    All the coins are high market cap. If you have Bitcoin and Eth you already have 1/2 of their core ‘portfolio’. I cannot say enough bad things about this blatant scam. I just don’t even know how they can sleep at night charging people for this garbage.

    The few pieces of news are just plain lazy like the rest of it.. even dangerous vulnerabilities are disclosed at least a day after making the headlines everywhere else on free media.

    The core portfolio is just 4 coins. Their opportunity portfolio (shorter term) is another 9. All of it is massively down. They made 4 sales only 1 of which was profitable.. and the profit level was laughable by crypto standards.

    Avoid at all costs unless you just want to throw money away.

  2. Altucher’s crypto trader, this newsletter is terrible.
    Every coin he recommended is down 40% to 95%.
    Probably, almost every trader can beat him easily.

    More likely, he helps you lose more money than only your own.

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