Introducing PolitiFi: CoinGecko Adds New Category After $TRUMP and $BIDEN Explode, and Traders Back $ZELENSKYY to Follow.

With the election season upon us, the newly emerging PolitiFi crypto category burst onto the scene with the stamp of approval from CoinGecko following its introduction through the exclusive “PolitiFi” category on the leading index platform. 

PolitiFi now sits next to ‘Fan Tokens’ and ‘Cat-Themed Coins’ in the CoinGecko categories list as the new meta takes hold in the market, with tokens like $TRUMP, $BIDEN, and $TURDEAU exploding this week.

With the new crypto category established, traders are hunting for the next PolitiFi token to follow $TRUMP’s success.

In particular, traders are focusing on the newly launched charity-focused $ZELENSKYY token, which has already donated a staggering $80,000 to the official Ukrainian donation wallet. 

CoinGecko Adds New PolitiFi Category As Politician-Based Meme Coins Explode

CoinGecko recently introduced a new category called PolitiFi into its indexing platform. The category contains all politics-related cryptocurrency projects, which can be related to world leaders, politicians, movements, charity-focused projects, or political agendas.

The introduction of PolitiFi comes as election season starts and is hot on the heels of a range of Politician-based meme coins exploding.

The primary example in PolitiFi is MAGA ($TRUMP), a Donald Trump-themed meme coin that reached staggering success after surging 625% this month to cross the $500 million market cap milestone this week. 

MAGA ($TRUMP) introduces a unique prediction market and combines it with meme coins. It is seeing increased traction, with the former US President set to make another campaign at the White House. 

In addition, the $BIDEN token, a project themed around current US President Joe Biden, also saw growth this week as it reached a $30 million market cap. 

With these tokens gaining traction, a new meta has formed, and traders are now hunting for the next PolitiFi token to follow in $TRUMP’s footsteps. 

In particular, many traders are turning their attention to Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY), which recently underwent a fair launch on Uniswap and became an instant hit due to its charity-focused outcome and community-driven approach.

What is PolitiFi?

New trends emerge in the crypto sector that are often categorized by meta. For example, we’ve had DeFi, GameFi, StakeFi, Dog-based memes, and now…PolitiFi. 

PolitFi is considered a bridge between politics, finance, and community. The current selection of tokens in the category is largely meme coin-based, but some have serious proposals surrounding them.

While meme coins helped to bring a lighthearted approach to changing the world of finance through community building and humor, PolitFi takes a similar approach and is made to create a bridge between the crypto community and the political world.

In the coming years, all politicians will likely want to have their own PolitiFi tokens for their campaigns, helping introduce a younger crowd into politics through humor, memes, and finance. 

Politicians can use PolitiFi to bring exposure to their campaigns and build a community through humor, memes, and finance. 

Furthermore, there’s another avenue that PolitiFi is already traveling down: charity-focused endeavors. 

In particular, there’s one token causing a stir due to its wholesome approach to helping the people of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) is turning heads after its community donated a staggering $80,000 to the official Ukrainian wallet through transaction taxes. 

$ZELENSKYY: The Next PolitiFi Token Gaining Traction With $80K Donated to Ukraine

Volodymyr Zelenskyy ($ZELENSKYY) is the latest addition to PolitFi. Its fair launch on March 4th caused it to explode by over 5,000% and reach a market cap high of around $600,000. It has since retraced, providing the perfect entry opportunity. 

Volodymyr Zelenskyy is designed to be Putin’s nemesis, fighting for sovereignty by auto-donating taxes straight to Ukraine. 

The project instantly became a hit after investors learned that 4% of the 5% transaction tax embedded into its smart contracts is being sent directly to the official Ukrainian donation wallet, helping support Ukrainian citizens in their year-long war with Russia. 

The project has raised and sent a staggering 20 ETH to Ukraine, worth $80,000. As a result, $ZELENSKYY has already donated more crypto to the Ukrainian cause than every other political meme coin combined. 

Why Are Traders Backing $ZELENSKYY to Explode Next?

$ZELENSKYY introduces a new theme to the PolitiFi sector, bringing a real-world utility that makes a difference. 

The meme coin lets its holders feel good about making money while knowing they do their part to support those suffering in Ukraine. 

The team also understands what causes meme coin communities to grow by ensuring the contract ownership is renounced, making it a community-driven project. Furthermore, the dev has also burnt the keys to the liquidity, protecting all investors from any rug-pull potential. 

In addition, the team donated 0.5% of the $ZELENSKYY supply to Vitalik Buterin, a Russian who’s very sympathetic to the Ukrainian plight. 

With its wholesome ethos, traders are now positioning themselves as early adopters of $ZELENSKY. At the same time, they know that the added volume will result in further automatic donations to Ukraine. 

Community members have done some calculations and realized that the donations will continue to mount as $ZELENSKYY closes in on the trading volume experienced by $TRUMP and $BIDEN.

Best of all, the donations go directly to the Ukrainian crypto wallet, meaning there’s no chance of politicians skimming off the top.

$ZELENSKYY is a meme coin that can be purchased on Uniswap using $ETH. Join its Telegram community and follow it on Twitter to find out more. 

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Visit $ZELENSKYY Today.

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