Injective (INJ) Dominates with 60% October Spike; Kava (KAVA) & InQubeta (QUBE) Set for Huge Windfall

Injective (INJ) has emerged as one of the best coins to invest in right now as its prices grew by over 76% in October, outperforming top crypto coins like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as bullish sentiments take over the broader cryptocurrency space. 

New DeFi project InQubeta (QUBE) and layer-1 blockchain Kava (KAVA) are expected to enjoy massive windfalls as a result of Injective’s recent bull run. InQubeta aims to create a more accessible alternative way for investors to partner up with artificial intelligence (AI) startups, and its presale has already raised over $4.1 million in its fourth stage. Backers who got in during the beta stage are already close to doubling their investments. Newcomers to the event get to 3x their capital before the event concludes. 

Injective provides an open-source blockchain that showcases the full potential of DeFi applications, including lending protocols, prediction markets, and decentralized exchanges. It’s one of the best DeFi projects around and its recent growth is a sign of how successful the project has been at bringing in new users. 

Analysts dub InQubeta (QUBE) one of the best coins to invest in

InQubeta’s ingenious way of making it easier for investors to invest in AI sets the project up for lots of success in the coming years. The artificial intelligence industry has passed major milestones in the past decade as the technology’s viability has increased exponentially.

AI’s role in our lives is constantly expanding, and it’s on course to be the next major technological breakthrough. Autonomous taxis now operate in cities like San Francisco and Amazon has started using humanoid robots to sort boxes in one of their warehouses. 

AI will lead to drastic changes in how many industries operate and many jobs will be lost to automation. However, the technological boom will also create many opportunities for smart investors to earn considerable profits. 

Artificial intelligence meets decentralized finance

InQubeta hosting an Ethereum-built blockchain allows it to create a new investment protocol on its blockchain. AI startups raise funds in the ecosystem by minting investment opportunities into ERC20 coins, also called non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

These tokens cannot be duplicated and their authenticity can easily be verified on the InQubeta blockchain. Like stocks, they denote equity in a firm’s operations. 

Investors can partner up with AI firms on the InQubeta network by buying these ERC20 coins on the NFT marketplace with QUBE – InQubeta’s native token. These ERC20 coins can be resold on the marketplace at any time and, like stocks, their value rises as the firms behind them increase their market share. 

Injective (INJ) shocks analysts with 76% growth in October

Like InQubeta, Injective focuses on decentralized finance but provides a wider range of services. It provides lots of utility to the cryptocurrency space from decentralized exchanges to lending protocols. Injective is one of Ethereum’s rivals and its blockchain couldn’t be any more impressive with the average transaction fee costing less than a penny and near instant transactions. 

Some analysts are crediting Injective’s price pump to its recent integration with the data exchange platform, Google Cloud. Injective’s CEO Eric Chen says the integration is a massive step toward expanding the project’s footprint into mainstream financial institutions. 

2023 has generally been a great year for Injective as many of the popular decentralized apps on its ecosystem like Talis, Black Panther, and Helix have enjoyed substantial growth in user activity and development. The increased use of Kava’s protocol on its ecosystem should push KAVA prices upward. 


INJ, QUBE, and KAVA are three of the best coins to invest in right now as all three are expected to enjoy considerable growth. The InQubeta project will likely lead the trio, thanks to how easy its protocol makes it to invest in artificial intelligence. 

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