Injective (INJ) Climbs 2,806% and Maker (MKR) to Rise Above $2,400 – Meme Moguls Price Prediction

Maker (MKR) and Injective (INJ) are both showcasing solid on-chart performance. They are primed for even more growth as they have not showcased any signs of slowing down. In the meantime, the blockchain ICO of Meme Moguls (MGLS) is selling out rapidly. To see why traders are looking at these altcoins, we will analyze the on-chart data for each one. By the end, we will see which is the best crypto to invest in.

Maker (MKR) Climbs 182% – Bullish Momentum to Lead to $2,491.76

Maker (MKR) increased by 182% in the past year. Looking closer at the Maker price chart, it’s evident that the crypto is heading upwards in value and is in a bullish cycle. In the short-term, the Maker crypto has moved up from $1,624.56 to $1,935.96, indicating a monthly climb of 30%.

Yet, it can rise even further, as its RSI is bullish. To gain more confidence in the anticipated upswing, buyers need to regain control. According to the Maker price prediction, it can rise to $2,491.76 in 2024. 

Injective (INJ) Sees 2,806% YTD Climb – Can It Reach Above $60?

Injective (INJ) is moving in a bullish trend after it broke out of the bear’s threshold. The price is now trading above key EMAs on the timeframe. Its volume also saw an incline, which resulted in a massive Injective crypto buying activity. 

During the past year, the total price upswing for INJ was by 2,806%. In the past month alone, the Injective price moved up by 128.4%. During the week, INJ saw an increase above the 200-day EMA level and climbed from $32.68 to $344.68. According to the Injective price prediction, it can surge to $64.59 by the end of 2024.

Meme Moguls (MGLS) to Feature Simulated Meme-Inspired Trading

Meme Moguls (MGLS) is an upcoming P2E meme-oriented ecosystem that will help any trader enhance their trading capabilities. It will introduce a platform that features real-time market simulations. These will immerse players into a fantasy Meme Trading World where they can create custom avatars. They can climb their way up the leaderboards and when they reach Moguls Status, they can unlock the best rewards. 

Some NFTs are part of the ecosystem. They can represent characters or rate items. Through owning these, players can enhance their conditions or sell them for additional capital gains.

There is also Moguls World, which is the dedicated Metaverse in the ecosystem. Through it, players can join liquidity pools or even mine tokens. In order to get more of the MGLS crypto, each player needs to stake it in the Meme Moguls staking pool. 

This way, they can become eligible for rewards. However, the amount gained is based on their ownership share and annual returns percentage. These aspects make it the best crypto to invest in.


Maker saw a major upswing and Injective could soon reach new heights. In the meantime, the Meme Moguls presale is a major topic of discussion among Web3 circles. It has reached Stage 4, and the team has raised over $1.5 million so far. With a value of $0.0027, this marks a solid entry point to get the MGLS crypto, as it can rise by 50x at launch. 

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Felix Küster
Felix Küster

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