In the Midst of Binance-SEC Battle: XRP Secures $29M as Big Eyes Infinity Pioneers a Distinctive Initiative in the Decentralized Realm

As a decentralized concept, the cryptocurrency market is experiencing regulatory disputes with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In the most recent developments in the Binance SEC battle, Binance (BNB) has filed for a protective court order against the SEC.

Similarly, Ripple’s XRP was in a regulatory tussle, with the SEC earning a partial victory. In the midst of these events and developments, Big Eyes Coin (BIG) launches another project, Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF). The initiative is launched with the intention of safeguarding investments for the Big Eyes Community and investors who may have missed the earlier presale.

Binance Knocks Columbian Court Doors

Rules and regulations are essential in all fields. Firm and project roadmaps are developed in accordance with the regulations of the region and field in which the projects are placed. Well-defined regulations created before any form of the project contribute to success, however, changing the laws from time to time disturbs and impacts the project’s success and future goals. To secure its future and the token BNB, Binance has filed a protective court order against the SEC through its US entity BAM Trading Services. The motion, filed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia, claims that the SEC’s requests for information are “overbroad” and “unduly burdensome” additionally mentioning that they previously provided the regulator’s agency sufficient details.

The move came after the SEC’s June lawsuit against Binance, accusing Binance of conducting a “web of deception.” Among the charges were that Binance intentionally exaggerated its trading volumes, diverted client funds, failed to prohibit US consumers from accessing its platform, and deceived investors about its market control techniques. During the ongoing Binance SEC battle, emerging altcoin opportunities like Big Eyes Coin and its new addition Big Eyes Infinity can protect investment, especially when in presale at low prices. The token is establishing itself during cryptocurrency regulations, harnessing the opportunity to fit itself in the upcoming regulations and give back to Its Cat Crew.

Institutional Investors Move Towards XRP 

Prior to the recent Binance SEC battle, XRP also faced allegations. The SEC filed a $1.3 billion complaint against Ripple, saying that it deceived investors and offered unregistered securities in the form of XRP. However, a federal district judge stated in a partial finding last month that programmatic XRP sales to everyday investors did not qualify as securities. The positive effects of this partial win can be seen to this day. Recently, $29 million has been poured into XRP by institutional investors.

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Amidst these cryptocurrency regulations, emerging altcoin opportunities like Big Eyes Coin and a new vital part of its ecosystem, Big Eyes Infinity, uses “airdrop” for efficient, equal and transparent token distribution. BIGINF tokens will be distributed to holders at the completion of the presale and will be listed on a DEX at the same time to maximise earnings for community members. The Presale begins at a price of $0.00006 and will conclude at a price of $0.00036. This ambitious project is estimated to generate $18 million in market capitalization.

Go To Infinity With Cat Crew

Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF) is a token that will catapult the Big Eyes community (Cat Crew) to a new level of riches and recognition. Big Eyes Infinity is all about increasing income through increased transparency and learning from past mistakes. BIGINF is a utilitarian coin with a cute cat motif. Holders will have access to the Big Eyes platform, which includes games such as 819Casino and P2E. 

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BIGINF tokens will be accepted at the Big Eyes 819Casino and P2E gambling platforms. Holders will be able to play with and earn BIGINF and BIG tokens when the Casino launches on August 29. Holders of BIGINF stand to benefit greatly from the increased daily trading volume and purchasing pressure generated by the 819Casino and games.

The Final Say

As a decentralised notion, crypto initiatives like Binance and XRP are being investigated by the SEC. In the Binance SEC battle, BNB filed for a protective court order against the SEC, while XRP received significant investments from institutional investors following a partial victory. However, emerging altcoin opportunities like Big Eyes Infinity give an opportunity to safeguard investments, particularly during the presale period at low prices. 

Big Eyes Infinity (BIGINF)





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  1. Bigeyes is a scam. Do your research. If you look at the initial investors of $BIG, most never received their coins. $BIGINF is just a continuation of this rug pull. You’ve been warned.

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