Immutable (IMX) Announces Launch of Game-centered zkEVM Mainnet, Solana (SOL) Rallies While Pullix (PLX) Attracts Massive Presale Investors Days Before Launch

Amid the speculations of a potential bull market coming soon, Immutable (IMX) has announced early access to its zkEVM Mainnet for web3 gamers. Similarly, Pullix (PLX) has been picked as one of the top crypto coins to buy in 2024 following the display of massive growth potential. In another development, Solana (SOL) has regained lost ground following its resurging price value.

Price Rally for Immutable (IMX) as Platform Set to Launch zkEVM Mainnet

The Immutable token has gained over 20% within the last week following the announcement of zkEVM Mainnet, which is designed for web3 gamers. In a tweet, Immutable announced that the protocol would facilitate massive scalability, enhanced gameplay mechanics, and be gas-free for gamers, among other benefits.

Following the launch, the Immutable price value has surged past the $2 mark after weeks of bearish struggles. Also, Immutable trading volume has seen a significant increase in market activity. Experts forecast that the recent bullishness might see the token establish its price value above the $3 mark. 

Solana (SOL) Showcases an Upward Trajectory Despite Dwindling Trading Volume

Solana (SOL) has witnessed a price resurgence recently after a significant dip in price value. For context, the market chart shows that the Solana price fell to the $82 mark towards the third week of January, having reached a price peak of $109 in December.  

However, Solana is making a turnaround as the token has seen over 11% growth in the last week to re-enter the $100 mark. While it’s still early days, experts hope the recent bullishness of Solana may push the price above the $109 it reached in December.

Pullix (PLX) Announces Date for Project Launch As Investors Strive To Buy the Presale

Pullix’s (PLX) presale phase is fast drawing to a conclusion amid massive success so far, as more than 15,000 users have joined the platform. Moreso, the presale has raised $5 million thus far in the presale, representing a future among top crypto projects. 

At the current trajectory, the $PLX token may well become the next blue-chip crypto in the near future. While currently at stage 7 of the presale, Pullix has already been listed on CoinGecko. At the present trajectory, the PLX token has been picked as one of the top crypto coins to buy in 2024.

For context, the Pullix platform is a hybrid Trade-to-Earn exchange platform that gears toward integrating the strengths of DeFi and CeFi exchanges to achieve high-standard exchange on the blockchain. At Pullix, members can stake several ranges of cryptos such as Bitcoin, Solana, Immutable, and more. 

One of the talking points of PLX is its revenue sharing mechanism where token holders will get a percentage of the daily revenue from the exchange and also earn passive income by providing liquidity to its automated market makers.  With the project scheduled for launching in 30 days, smart investors are buying the $PLX token to position themselves for the potential 100x price growth of the token when launched. 

The PLX token is currently sold for $0.10 with a 10% bonus given to investors that purchase the token now. Buying the PLX coin will not only position investors for gains, but it’ll also grant them exclusive benefits on the Pullix platform, such as rewards, discounts, exclusive access, and more.

For more information regarding Pullix’s presale see links below:

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