If XRP and PEPE Passed You By, Consider the Potential of Rebel Satoshi Presale


  • DeFi platform Magnetic X is accused of another memo spam attack on XRP Ledger
  • Pepe ‘burns’ 6.9 trillion worth of PEPE, roughly worth $6 million
  • Presale for new Rebel Satoshi looks to sell out fast

Top altcoins like XRP (XRP) and Pepe (PEPE) find themselves in bullish runs. At the same time, the presale of the new Rebel Satoshi ($RBLZ) is grabbing headlines. This exciting platform presents compelling reasons to be mentioned in the best altcoins to invest in

It’s a meme coin with a unique blend of defiance-based branding, memes, and financial incentives. Before looking at RebelSatoshi, let’s first study the latest for XRP.

Another Memo Spam Attack Discovered In Recent XRP Transactions

One of the top DeFi projects on the XRP Ledger, Magnetic X, recently came under fire for another memo spam attack. The memo is an 8-10 digit long identifier used in crypto transactions.

Alloy Networks, an XRP-related hosting solutions company, attributed the latest massive spam attack to Magnetic X. Over 30,000 messages went to the ‘memos’ field on November 10, 2023, to all XRP transactions. Magnetic X was found to have done the same practice in September 2023, which they said was for educational purposes. Despite this, a memo spam attack negatively affects a blockchain and annoys users.

Regardless, XRP is up 50% since August 17, 2023, from $0.437 to $0.654. This is thanks to positive sentiment around the ongoing SEC lawsuit and increasing adoption. According to forecasts, if these factors continue, XRP may hit at least $0.90 by 2024 and at least $1.30 by the end.

6.9 Trillion Worth Of PEPE ‘Burned’

Pepe is no stranger to massive whale transfers and ‘burning’ trillions of tokens. In a recent tweet by Pepe, Etherscan data reveals that 6.9 trillion PEPE (worth about $6 million) was ‘burnt’ or removed from circulation. The page also announced in the same tweet that a new team of advisors is now on board to steer the project forward. 

Despite no other developments, PEPE is doing quite well on the charts. At one point, the price increased by 140% since October 12, 2023, from $0.00000061 to $0.00000146. While dropping slightly to $0.00000119, this market remains bullish, as further evidenced by forecasts.

Many estimates indicate $0.00000150 as the lowest price PEPE could reach by 2024, with a minimum yearly peak of $0.00000250.

From one meme token to another, let’s study Rebel Satoshi on its way to $100 million in market cap!


Rebel Satoshi’s Presale Set To Sell Out Quickly

RebelSatoshi is a Guy Fawkes and Satoshi Nakamoto-inspired meme coin. A galvanized community of ‘rebels’ will band together so that the project hits a $100 million market cap target.

Its utility token, $RBLZ, is the key enabler to achieving this goal while giving Rebel Satoshi members enough reasons as the best crypto investment. The first benefit of the token is staking, meaning that users can earn passive income while strengthening the network. Secondly, it’s a necessary medium of exchange in the upcoming Rebel Artefacts Vault. This will be a marvelous marketplace of 9,999 NFTs based on unique collectibles and rebel-themed digital art.

The presale for RebelSatoshi will happen in five rounds, the first of which is the current Early Bird Round. $RBLZ is worth $0.010 during this phase. But this won’t last long as the value in the next round, dubbed ‘Rebel,’ will be 30% higher at $0.013

The bigger payoff is set to happen once $RBLZ is officially listed on exchanges. By this time, the expected value is $0.025, representing a cool 150% return. Presales for meme coins tend to sell out quickly. So, now is the best time to ‘join the uprising’ of RebelSatoshi!

For the latest updates and more information, be sure to visit the official Rebel Satoshi Presale Website or contact Rebel Red via Telegram

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Philipp Traugott
Philipp Traugott

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