HyperDEX Finance: Simplifying DeFi For The Masses

HyperDEX is a decentralized protocol that enables people to easily buy, sell, exchange, borrow, and lend cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, HyperDEX does not require users to deposit funds into a centralized account. Instead, HyperDEX connects buyers and sellers directly over smart contracts. 

HyperDex DeFi aims to create the first decentralized finance investment plat­form for digital assets mirroring traditional financial products, but with one major difference: Everything is decentralized and automated.

HyperDex asserts that they are equipped to overcome the numerous obstacles hindering effective and efficient Finance. They will do so by enabling professionals and new investors to easily and conveniently seize the value created by DeFi by routing their crypto assets into several HyperDeX products using algorithmic trading and staking.

What is the use case for HyperDex?

The platform allows investors to diversify their portfolio across different trading strategies. For example, you could purchase a fixed return strategy cube, which guarantees a certain amount of profit every month. Or you could opt for a leveraged strategy cube where you pay a small fee upfront and receive a larger amount of money later.

In addition to investing, HyperDEX also provides borrowing and lending opportunities. Users can either lend their cryptocurrency holdings to others or borrow cash against their cryptocurrency holdings. There is no transaction fees associated with these activities. 

HyperDex aims to provide a passive investment strategy for those who do not have the experience or time to benefit from the vast potential in DeFi. This project aims to be the hub where anyone can invest in DeFi through our platform, regardless of whether they have any prior DeFi knowledge. We believe that DeFi is one of the greatest innovations in finance today, and we aim to make it easier for everyone to participate.

What Are Cubes?

DeFi investing can be daunting for new users, especially because the complexity of decentralized finance (DeFi) makes it difficult to choose the best approach. HyperDex created new containers that are similar to liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges, but they’re called cubes. Users can choose a cube of their choice and generate an expected income which will always remain known without any hidden fees.

The user will be capable of selecting, from several cube options, a fixed income investment offer that provides returns on either stable coins, or cryptocurrency. Every cube option has its own expiration date, and details about the final investment return, as well as its pay back rules.

HyperDex offers three basic investment strategies, each with a different level of risk.

The three main strategies are:

  • Fixed Income Cube: They can be used to invest in cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, or any other asset class. Investors can choose from a variety of expiration dates and pay-back rules.
  • Algo Trading Cube: earn interest on your portfolio based on a set of automated trading strategies.
    Algo-trades are automated trading protocols, which are based on a pure statistical algorithm. Algo-trade algorithms aim at bringing higher returns through identifying the market discrepancies among leading cryptocurrencies.
  • Race Trading Cube: speculate on a single asset over a set period. This strategy includes both long and short positions. Race trading cubes are similar to that of cryptocurrency predictions markets. HyperDex’s racing cube is based on a decentralised, trustless prediction-markets platform, where the users predict the outcomes of future prices. In short, HyperDex will not make predictions, but instead indicate what is being traded heavily in terms of shorts and longs. 

HyperCube – cubes and earnings on steroids

The HyperCube is a revolutionary product that allows you to generate additional income from your existing investments. With the help of the HyperCube, investors receive a fixed return on their investments plus an additional percentage based on the amount of HYP tokens held in their account. This makes it possible to increase profits without having to make another investment.

The user, by purchasing any of the cubes, can choose to transform them into HyperCubes. On the expiration date, the cube will only pay out a basic percentage of the underlying asset; however the HyperCube will pay out a double amount and increase the basic percentage payout. Therefore, the HyperCubes profits will be earning rewards in the invested currencies (ex. USDT or BNB) and in Hyper Tokens with their own percentage value indicated at time of purchase. As such, if a cube’s reward was 100 USDT, the HyperCube would add another profit in HYP. 

HYP Token – role and tokenomics

The main component of HyperDEX is the HYP token. Investors receive tokens during the crowdsale. These tokens are used to pay fees within the network and to reward participants in the farming process. In addition, investors receive dividends based on the amount of HYP staked in the system.

HYP (HyperToken) is the platform native currency, and can only be acquired through minting. After the Pre-Sale Phase, the minting will occur everytime a user’s profit is paid out. In order to mint HyperTokens and prevent inflation or deflation problems, any of HyperCube’s profits will be minting HyperTokens only, according to the percentage reward. For instance, at expiration the fixed income basic cube generates a profit for the user of 100 USDT. The HyperCube generates an extra profit of 100 USDT plus 100 HyperTokens. If the HyperToken at that moment is worth one US Dollar, an additional profit of one hundred HyperTokens will be minted for that user. In the example given above, if at expiration, the HyperToken was worth two dollars, the total minting would have been fifty HyperTokens, and so on.

The initial supply of HYP will not exceed 200,000,000 tokens.


HyperDEX is a fully decentralized asset management platform. It provides a simple, effective and efficient way for new investors and professional traders to invest and trade cryptocurrencies. Users only need a mobile phone to use the platform and invest. Furthermore, the platform is hosted by the Binance Chain to ensure faster transactions and lower fees. Given its unique features, the increasing number of users using the platform, and the growing value of the platform, HyperDex holds huge future potential in the DeFI space.

The team announced the start of their presale, and investors who get involved early could potentially enjoy high returns on the HYP they invest in the long term. To participate in the pre-sales, simply go to their website. 

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